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Termite Control In Mesa, AZ

Termites are one of the most common pests in Mesa, and they can cause extensive damage to your home if you don't spot them early. This makes termite control a vital part of owning a home in Mesa. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the potential risks and damages termites bring to homes in Mesa as well as what you can do to stop them. 

The Trick To Spotting Signs Of Termites On Your Mesa Property

Termites are one of the most common pests in Mesa, and they can cause extensive damage to your home if you don't spot them early. This makes termite control a vital part of owning a home in Mesa. 

Here are tips on how to spot signs of termites on your property:

  • Check for small holes in wood or eaves: If you see small holes or tunnels in wood. This is a reliable indication that termites are present.
  • Look for mud tubes: Another sign of termites is the presence of mud tubes. These are small tunnels made of mud that termites use to travel from their nests to your home.
  • Listen for tapping sounds: If you hear tapping or clicking sounds, this could signify that termites are eating away at the wood on your property.
  • Piles of wings near doors or windows: Finally, if you see piles of shed wings near doors or windows, this is a sure sign that termites are in your home.

Contact your nearest professional pest control contractor right away if you come across flying termites around your property or any of these other signs.

A professional can properly assess the situation and formulate a plan to exterminate the termites and keep them out. Don't wait until it's too late; take action now.

How Dangerous Are The Termites In Mesa?

Finding adult termites on your property is bad enough, but you need to be aware of the damage they can cause. While most people think that termites only eat wood, they consume cellulose. This is found in wood, paper, and even drywall. This means that if you have termites in your home, they could potentially eat away at any of these materials, causing extensive damage to your home.

In addition, termites can also lead to the triggering of asthma and allergies. They release a dust particle called frass that people can inhale. If you have infants or the elderly living in your home, this could be particularly risky.

Adding insult to injury, insurance firms don't typically cover the damage caused by termites, as the damage is considered preventable. As such, if you have a termite problem on your Mesa property, promptly contact a professional pest control contractor to deal with the issue. 

A skilled contractor can conduct termite identification to determine the extent of the problem and draw up a plan to get rid of the termites and preventative measures to keep them from coming back.

termites in wood

What Not To Do About Termites On Your Mesa Property

As we've mentioned, it's important to take action as soon as you spot termites on your property. However, there are some things that you shouldn't do. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to treat the problem themselves. There are a lot of DIY solutions, but most of them don't work.

Contrary to your goals, you could make the problem worse. For example, using a termite bomb will kill the termites you can see, but it won't eradicate the entire colony. This means that more termites will come to replace the ones killed, and you'll be left with an even bigger problem.

Additionally, many of these products contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to your health if not used properly. It's always better to leave it to the professionals. 

Another thing you shouldn't do is ignore the problem and hope it goes away on its own. Subterranean termites are very good at hiding and can damage your property without you even knowing. To guard against this, keep an eye out for the earlier signs. However, contact your local pest exterminator for decisive and professional subterranean termite treatment in Mesa

We have the necessary tools and the experience to deal with the problem quickly and effectively.

How Mesa Homeowners Can Protect Themselves From Termites In 2022

As a Mesa homeowner, there are several things you can do to protect your property from termites.

  • First, ensure that there's no wood-to-soil contact. This means removing tree stumps, dead leaves, and firewood from your property.
  • You should also trim any shrubs or trees so that they're not touching your home.
  • In addition, fix any leaks in your plumbing or roof as these can attract termites.
  • It's also good to have your home inspected for termites every year. This way, you can catch an issue sooner and nip it in the bud before termites have a chance to do serious damage.
  • Finally, consider using a termite bait system. This is a preventative measure that may keep termites away from your property.

Ultimately, you may still find termites on your Mesa property despite all your efforts. If this happens, don't panic. Simply contact a professional pest control company, and we'll take care of the problem for you.

Termites aren't something you should have to deal with on your own. With the help of a professional, you can eliminate them, thereby protecting your property and safeguarding your investment.

Green Home Pest Control is a full-service pest control company serving Mesa and the surrounding areas. We provide a multitude of services to deal with all sorts of pests, including subterranean termites. 

If you're worried about termites on your property, give us a call. Our technicians will quickly assess the situation and develop a plan to eradicate the termites. We also offer preventative services to keep termites at bay. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or claim a free estimate. We can help you protect your home from pests.

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