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Professional Pest Solutions For New River, AZ

It’s a rare day when you check everything off your to-do list. As a home or business owner in New River, you have to work hard to maintain your home or business. Most of the time, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. This independent attitude, however, might encourage you to try and deal with pest issues on your own, which can wind up being a huge mistake.

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Home Pest Control In New River, AZ

With a laundry list of home maintenance items, pest prevention may be the last thing on your mind.

You may be able to prevent pests by cleaning regularly, storing food properly, and addressing moisture issues, but that’s easier said than done. And even if you have time to do all of these things perfectly, you could still incur a dangerous pest infestation.

The pests of New River may not only be dangerous to your home and property but to your health as well. That’s why the best method of pest prevention is the guaranteed method: Green Home Pest Control.

Call us today to find out how our expert pest technicians can keep your home pest-free without messing up your schedule or your bank account.

Commercial Pest Control In New River, AZ

While managing your New River business, pest issues need to be at the top of your priority list. If a customer witnesses a pests inside your facility, you could lose a lot of potential customers, especially if the witness happens to post a picture or a review on social media. Reputation is everything in the business world, and one pest could ruin yours. Along with damage to your reputation, invasive pests and rodents also threaten stored foods, inventory, and working conditions. Fortunately, Green Home Pest Control has innovative pest prevention practices that can get unwanted guests out and keep them out for good. With scheduled visits at your convenience and on-call technicians available to solve unexpected pest issues, we’ve got the most comprehensive commercial pest control services in town.

Why Do I Have So Many Earwigs In My New River, AZ Home?

According to old wives’ tales, earwigs use their long pincers to tunnel into people’s brains as they sleep. Fortunately, this has no basis in science, but these pests can still be a nuisance on your property. If you don’t know what an earwig looks like, they’re usually an inch long at the most, with slender brown/black/dark red bodies. They’re most recognizable by the pincers stemming from the back of their abdomens.

When a lot of earwigs invade the same home, they can cause unwanted odors or put your vegetation at risk. Excess moisture in the soil will attract them into the yard, and they’ll usually invade areas of homes with the highest humidity and condensation levels. If your basement or crawlspace lacks proper ventilation, it can create a very attractive environment for earwigs.

In order to prevent earwigs from entering your house, you have to control moisture buildup. Using a dehumidifier or a fan in your basement or crawl space can help. Sealing up the small cracks and crevices in your foundation can also help, but that can turn into a never-ending task. For the best form of earwig control, call Green Home Pest Control. Our professional solutions will not only create a barrier against earwigs but also help you improve your moisture control strategies on your property.

New River, AZ Homeowners Mini-Guide To Termite Prevention

Termites may be one of the most destructive natural forces in Arizona, but some homeowners have no idea what they’re doing to attract termites onto their properties. Since most termites are highly attracted to moist/rotted wood, controlling the moisture buildup in and around your home is an absolute must. It starts in the yard. Make sure to maintain the lawn regularly. This will prevent uneven moisture buildup in the soil and reduce clutter (like piles of leaves, sticks, or cardboard) that can attract termite activity. Plus, utilizing an effective gutter and downspout system will help expel rain runoff away from the sides of the house, limiting moisture buildup near the foundation.

Inside the house, use a dehumidifier or a fan in your basement and crawlspace and monitor your pipes closely as even the smallest drip can create wood rot over time. Outside of moisture control, you should also create a buffer that limits the soil-to-wood contact near your home’s foundation. 12-18” of pine straw, gravel, or rubber mulch can prevent termites from tunneling their way through the soil and bumping up against your house.

While these measures can limit your chances of an infestation, there are no guaranteed methods of termite prevention or eradication besides professional termite control solutions. With thousands of dollars worth of damage on the line, your do-it-yourself methods don’t provide enough assurance. Call Green Home Pest Control to find out how our professional termite traps can guarantee the safety of your home.

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