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Bed Bug Control In Peoria, AZ

One of the many pests that homeowners face in Peoria is bed bugs. Bed bugs seem to come out of nowhere, suddenly overtaking your home. Learn how bed bugs get into our homes and what you can do about them with this guide from the Peoria pest control professionals at Green Home Pest Control.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Peoria Homes In The First Place?

Bed bugs are small and often go unnoticed in homes until a significant infestation occurs, and you can’t miss signs of this pest any longer. Many residents may wonder at this point – how did bed bugs invade my Peoria home?

Bed bugs are hitchhikers who invade homes by hiding in the clothing, fabrics, or baggage of someone who visits an infested area. Bed bugs stay hidden until they reach another location they determine to be safe and have a constant food source; then, they will emerge and hide around that area. For the most part, you find bed bugs in spots with high traffic, such as hotels and motels, airports, schools, and libraries; unsuspecting individuals bring them home after passing through these locations. 

Another popular way bed bugs get into Peoria homes is by purchasing second-hand furniture and appliances. These items may come from homes that knowingly or unknowingly have a bed bug infestation and can quickly take over your house once they move inside. It is essential to check second-hand items for signs of bed bugs before use.

The Answers To Peoria's Most Pressing Bed Bug Questions

Bed bugs can be a confusing pest for many Peoria residents. Here we answer some of your most pressing bed bug questions:

  • Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?: While bed bugs can bite, they aren’t poisonous and don’t transfer disease. However, they can make you itchy and may trigger allergic reactions, so the potential for danger is there.
  • What Are The Signs Of Bed Bug Problems?: Some of the first signs of bed bug issues around your property include reddish staining on beds, walls, and furniture, itchy bites on exposed limbs, an unpleasant odor in your home, and visual sightings of bed bugs.
  • Where Do Bed Bugs Hide Most Often?: This pest gets its name from its love of hiding in sleeping quarters, but you may also see bed bugs hiding along the seams of furniture, in wall cracks, around electrical outlets, and in stuffed toys.
  • Can You Prevent Bed Bug Infestations?: You can reduce your chances of bringing bed bugs home by taking care when traveling, washing your clothes in hot water upon returning, and checking accommodation areas for signs of bed bugs before staying there.

If you have any more questions about bed bugs and the potential problems they may bring to your home, you should contact Green Home Pest Control as soon as possible for further information.

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Why Bed Bugs In Peoria Are A Year-Round Problem

Bed bugs tend to be more active in warmer weather, but that doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down even during the colder months. During warmer months, travel is more popular, leading to an increased risk of bed bug transmission, especially from popular locations such as hotels and motels. Warmer weather also means bed bugs are more likely to be out feeding and breeding. However, because bed bugs move around by hitchhiking from various locations, travel can bring them home to your property any time of year. As long as you’ve visited an infested area, there is a chance that you will bring this pest back to your own home and accidentally start an infestation. 

Additionally, you can purchase second-hand items at any time of the year and may accidentally bring a bed bug infestation into your home through one of these items no matter the season or whether or not bed bugs are currently out in full force.

The Truth About How Bed Bugs Get Into Peoria Homes

While many people think bed bugs go only to dirty or cluttered environments, this isn’t always the case. Clutter can indeed hide a bed bug problem, but the real culprit behind bed bug infestations is traveling through infested areas and a lack of awareness when checking for bed bug signs. 

If you suspect that a bed bug problem has moved into your home, you should contact our team of expert technicians at Green Home Pest Control. We work with you to offer various bed bug treatments and preventative methods as needed. We will take care of any active infestation of bed bugs and future infestations of this tricky pest. You can trust only our professionals to help you safely and effectively eliminate this pest, which is why you should contact us the moment you suspect bed bugs have infiltrated your home.

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