Pigeon Control In Buckeye, AZ

Pigeons are an unavoidable part of nature in Buckeye, but when they begin to loiter around properties, that’s where the trouble begins. These unpredictable pests can damage property, cause serious health risks, and make both employees and customers very uncomfortable. At Green Home Pest Control, we use ethical and effective methods of pigeon removal and prevention so that our community doesn’t have to endure the pressures pigeons inflict. If you’re interested in engaging our services, please visit our pigeon control services page, and in the meantime, we hope that you find the following information about local pigeon problems and options for pest control in Buckeye helpful.

Problems Pigeons Bring With Them To Buckeye

Pigeons can easily become a Buckeye property owner’s worst nightmare because of the issues that they bring along with them.

  • General disturbance: People with pigeon populations often report noise pollution from the near constant cooing and chirping. Pigeons are also known to make many people uncomfortable simply by being present and gathering in large numbers.
  • Health risks: Pigeons are associated with health risks like cryptococcosis, candidiasis, and histoplasmosis. Many of the health issues that they spread involve fungus and respiratory issues.
  • Other pests: Pigeons are notorious for carrying parasites with them, like mites and fleas, which can bring a host of their own health risks.
  • Property damage: Lastly, pigeons usually leave behind large amounts of droppings, which can cause discoloration to properties and ruin electrical wiring.
Ethical and Effective

At Green Home Pest Control, we opt for ethical and effective methods of pigeon removal in Buckeye so that our community doesn’t have to endure the issues they cause. Our approach follows the standards of Integrated Pest Management so that we can deliver the most reliable service. For more information on pigeon control, call us today.