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Rodent Control In Phoenix, AZ

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Stopping A Rodent Infestation In Your Phoenix Home Or Business

Rats and mice spell trouble for your home or business for many different reasons. They carry diseases, wreak havoc, and will likely keep chewing through your structure until you stop them. You cannot eliminate these infestations yourself very easily. Green Home Pest Control has the expertise to eliminate your rodent infestation so that your Phoenix home or business remains a safe and healthy place to spend time.

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Our Rodent Control Offerings

If you suspect you have rodents in your Arizona home, it's important to call experienced professionals to remove your rodent infestation and gain peace of mind. Green Home Pest Control is a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience in Arizona. We'll use pet-friendly pest control tools to eliminate your current rodent population and seal your home to ensure they don't come back. Rodent control through Green Home Pest Control follows a proven three-step process: Inspection, Treatment, and Follow-Up.

When you choose Green Home for your rodent control services, you're saying "yes" to first-class service. You're selecting a company that prides itself on doing the job right the first time. To ensure you receive premium service, we make sure that our technicians have ample time to service your home. In addition, our technicians are highly trained and receive thorough background checks to ensure that you are receiving the best possible service.

We use an integrated pest management approach to rodent control for the safety of your family and pets. The products we use are botanically or organically derived so we can take care of your home and address your problem responsibly. We know you're busy, and you don't want to have people in your personal space any longer than necessary. So, we'll arrive on time, do all we need to get rid of mice and rats, then leave you rodent-free with peace of mind.

Green Home Rodent Control Procedure

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Free Inspection

We will inspect your home, looking for noises, droppings, damage, and nests caused by the rodent threat. Rodents can also leave greasy marks along pathways and near entrances. They’ll also urinate in your walls and throughout your home, eventually generating a noticeable odor. During this inspection, we'll also determine if you're dealing with mice or rats.

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We use an integrated pest management approach to rodent problems and use botanically or organically derived products that are both safe and effective for rodent control. We utilize both rodent trapping and rodent exclusion to ensure that your infestation is eradicated for good. We also have rodent monitoring programs available and offer both a removal service and a sanitation service to clean up rodent feces and urine.

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Depending on the size and severity of your rodent infestation, your technician will schedule follow-up treatments to eliminate any lingering rodent presence as well as the harmful elements they leave behind. All of our rodent control treatments are guaranteed. We won’t stop until your home or business is rodent-free!

Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

Rodents will typically enter your home in search of food and shelter. They are noisy and destructive, and their presence in your house can harm your pets and your family. Evidence of a rodent infestation includes the following:

  • Noises: You will likely hear scratching and squeaking noises in the walls and attic.

  • Droppings: Rodents will leave droppings, especially near nests and food sources. They'll also urinate in your walls and throughout your home, eventually generating a noticeable odor.

  • Damage: Rodents can chew through wood, drywall, electrical components, insulation, and much more; chewed wires can even lead to fires.

  • Nests: Rodents build nests from a collection of materials, often in attics or crawl spaces.

  • Runways: Rodents can also leave greasy marks along pathways and near entrances.

If you notice any of these signs, it's important to address the infestation sooner rather than later. Rodents can multiply so quickly that a relatively small problem can turn into a large one faster than you might imagine.

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Problems Caused By Rodents

Mice and rats both cause damage and are known vectors for disease and bacteria, including hantavirus, the West Nile Virus, and even the plague. They'll gnaw through furniture, walls, and insulation to nest. From your attic to your basement, mice and rats will make their way throughout your home. They will find their way into food sources, including yours and your pets, eating a little and contaminating the rest.

What Types Of Rats And Mice Are In Phoenix, Arizona?

Two types of rats and two types of mice are common in Arizona, and if you have lived here long enough, you have probably encountered them all.

Roof Rats

Roof rats are the scourge of many Arizona homes and businesses. Roof rats are small rats that are sometimes called black rats or ship rats, and they are found all over the world. They love to nest in the upper areas of your property, such as attics, gnawing everything they can get their teeth into, and contaminating any food items you may have stored there. If you see chewed wires and rat droppings all over your attic, you have a roof rat problem.

Pack Rats

A famous, desert-loving rodent, the pack rat is not an uncommon visitor to Arizona homes. Like roof rats, they like to nest in attics, although you may find them in any areas where there is a lot of insulation or other debris they can use to make a nest. These rats have long, furry tails and a white underbelly with white feet. They can be extremely noisy, which may be the first indication you have a pack rat. While they typically do not bite humans, their urine and feces can spread diseases, and they can also chew through wiring.

House Mice

As their name would indicate, this is the type of mouse you are most likely to find in your home or other occupied structure. House mice are smaller than rats and usually have a gray coat and off-white underbelly. In addition to doing a lot of unsettling scurrying, these mice cause problems for your family or your business by leaving dozens of droppings everywhere every day, which can contaminate everything around them.

Deer Mice

While you are less likely to find deer mice in your home, if you do, you need to take action right away. These mice are carriers of hantavirus, which can travel to humans when they inhale dust particles contaminated by the saliva, urine, or feces of infected deer mice. You may find them hidden in drawers, cabinets, and storage containers.

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The Differences Between Rats & Mice

Rats can enter your home through spaces as small as a quarter, and mice only need an area as big as a dime. The type of rodents you have in your home or business will play a significant role in dealing with the infestation.

You may be able to tell whether you have mice or rats based upon the evidence they've left behind or from a direct sighting. Some of the key differences between mice and rats include:

  • Size. Mice and rats vary significantly in size. Black rats can grow to 18 inches long, while mice typically remain under four inches.
  • Ears. Mice and rats have distinctively different ears. Mice ears are large and round, while rat ears are small and closer to the head.
  • Tails. Rats are known for their long, scaly tails. Mouse tails tend to be thin and covered in short hairs.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Our satisfaction guarantee backs our services. If rodents return to your home or business, we'll come back out to perform an additional treatment free of charge. We take pride in professional, fast, and thorough pest control services. To schedule an inspection, contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rodents

What diseases do rats and mice spread?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), they can spread many dangerous diseases, both directly and indirectly. For example, they can directly spread the plague, rat-bite fever, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, and many more. Indirectly they can spread diseases because people can get infected by ticks, fleas, and other parasites that have fed on a diseased rodent's blood. Those diseases include the West Nile virus, Lyme disease, La Crosse encephalitis, and more.

The bottom line is that there's no easy way to tell which rodents carry diseases ahead of time. So the solution is to get rid of rats and mice, having them removed from your home or business by professionals.

How can I recognize what kind of rodents are in my home?

The black rat (also called the roof rat) is common to Arizona. This rodent has a dark brown or black color, with a tail that's longer than the entire body. When you combine this rat's length with its long, hairless tail, the result can be a rodent that's 18 inches long.

The deer mouse is smaller but can spread hantavirus quite easily. An infected mouse would leave behind urine, feces, or saliva, and if someone in your family breaths in dust tainted by this waste, they could become infected.

The house mouse is also quite common in Arizona, and, despite its small size, each one can drop feces 50 times a day.

Unfortunately, these aren't the only types of rodents you might find in your home or business. The pack rat is yet another example of an Arizona rodent. These can be quite hazardous because of the feces and urine that accumulate in their living areas. Trained technicians at Green Home Pest Control can provide rodent control services, no matter which type of rodent has found a way into your home.

How do we get started with our rodent control services?

Contact us online or by phone. We'll provide a free inspection and quote and share our treatment plan with you for your approval.

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