What Attracts Bees To You In Scottsdale?

Bees are constantly on the search for the sweet, nectar-filled flowers that Scottsdale has to offer. This means that if your yard is plentiful with these opportunities, you may find yourself with a bee or swarm of bees attracted to you. While food is their primary goal, bees may commonly mistake sweet food or sweet personal products as food, so your hygiene products might be the culprit for why bees are following you around. Simple things like the kind of haircare you use or the way you wash and dry your clothes may be appealing to these pests. It’s also possible that your wardrobe choices are what’s causing a flurry of bees around you. They can very easily get confused by flashy patterns, floral prints, and bright colors and think that you’re their food.

An eco-friendly process for your home

At Green Home Pest Control, we work to protect you from the harms that bees can be responsible for. We take an eco-conscious approach to this work by treating bees humanely and using plant-based products to treat your property. For more information on bee control, contact us today.