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How Do I Know If I Have A Pigeon Problem On My Scottsdale Property?

In some communities, pigeons are known as "flying rats" and are regarded as a city problem. There's no question that they're a problem for Scottsdale’s residents. Here are a few signs that might help indicate whether or not you have a population of pigeons around your property:

  • Nests in your gutters and eaves as well as nesting materials scattered around your lawn
  • Constant noise and chirping
  • Massive amounts of bird droppings
  • A corroded exterior of your home or building
  • Pigeons that loiter and settle on your property

Understanding that you have a pigeon problem on your property may be difficult to determine; however, with professional assistance from Green Home Pest Control, achieving this is possible. Our expert technicians will work with you to inspect your entire property and determine whether or not there’s an active pigeon population causing issues. From there, we’ll customize a program to remove all pigeons from your area and keep them from coming back. We use methods like perching wires and stainless steel spikes in order to make this a reality. All of our services are also backed by our pest-free guarantee, so should pigeons continue to loiter around your property, we’ll provide free re-treatments until the issue is resolved. For more information on pigeon control, contact us today. 

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Is It Safe To Feed The Pigeons In Scottsdale?

Feeding the pigeons around a property in Scottsdale is potentially one of the most dangerous actions someone can take when it comes to these birds. Pigeons are very resourceful pest birds and if they get used to being fed around a home or place of business, they will return constantly because they expect to get fed. While some birds provide ecological benefits, pigeons provide nothing but problems. Their fecal matter alone is an enormous health hazard, as it can carry upwards of 50 different pathogens that span from E. coli to salmonella. But health risks aren’t the only issue that pigeons pose to local properties. Pigeons are also known to be excessively noisy, can lead to overall discomfort spending time in an environment, and can clog gutters and eaves with their nests.

At Green Home Pest Control, we take a comprehensive approach to dealing with pigeons so that they’re no longer able to harm locals and their properties. Our methods target both immediate and long-term relief, and each technician that we send out to these types of situations is uniquely trained to deal with them. To learn more about pigeon control that you can rely on, contact us today. 

Do Bird Nets Really Keep Birds In Scottsdale Away?

Birds are capable of causing significant damage and discomfort to people, but keeping them away from properties in Scottsdale is possible. One of the most reliable techniques for this involves bird netting; however, it must be installed professionally to be effective. Green Home Pest Control can apply this proven method of keeping birds away. It’s a very versatile product and can be used in a host of locations like rooftops, buildings, and even in agricultural settings. Bird netting is also a preferred method because it addresses a wide variety of species of birds and birds are not able to get used to it so it can bring long-term benefits.

If bird netting is not installed properly, it can actually cause serious harm to birds, which is not our goal. What makes our bird netting and other methods of removal different from other companies is that we treat birds humanely and look to cause them no harm in the process. At Green Home Pest Control, we also use products like stainless steel spikes, exclusion wire mesh, and perching wires to keep birds from becoming an issue. To learn more about our safe and reliable bird control, contact us today. 

How To Deter Pigeons In Scottsdale

Pigeons are a serious issue for Scottsdale properties and deterring them is one of the most important steps that residents can take. In order to keep pigeons from becoming an issue, try these tips:

  • Do not feed them.
  • Aim for cleanliness and hygiene around a property.
  • Set up scarecrows and other decoys.
  • Opt for pigeon-proof bird feeders.
  • Use flashing lights or mylar balloons.
  • Bring in professional help.

At Green Home Pest Control, it’s our mission to provide customers with fast, effective, and guaranteed pigeon-free results. We accomplish this by customizing a treatment plan to the needs of every property we service. Our expert technicians inspect a place of business or home in order to determine where pigeons are congregating, what’s attracting them, and the problems that they’re responsible for. From there, we use safe, strategic methods that include: netting, trapping, perch wires, stainless steel spikes, and exclusion wire mesh. This combination undoubtedly sets us apart from the competition.

Our services are non-toxic for people and their pets, treat pigeons humanely, and guarantee results. This deterrence of pigeons will help to avoid property damage and the health risks that these birds are known for. To learn more about the benefits of pigeon control, contact Green Home Pest Control today. 

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