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Types Of Spiders In Scottsdale

For residents of Scottsdale, there are many different types of spiders that they can encounter and each comes with its own unique series of issues and risks. Some of the most common types of spiders in the area include:

  • Wolf spider: This chunky, fuzzy species with big eyes is almost a caricature. They tend to live under woodpiles, and hunt their prey rather than build webs. 
  • Daddy longlegs: Also known as the cellar spider, this tan-colored species thrives in moist conditions similar to the ones found in basements. 
  • Western desert tarantula: This big, hairy species is known to be quite docile and prefers the arid climate that Scottsdale brings. They mostly stick to rocks and sand outside. 
  • Brown recluse: With three sets of eyes, the brown recluse has excellent vision but wants nothing to do with humans. Sometimes they live in closets and basements, while other times they prefer garages and rock piles. 
  • Black widow: Noted by the red hourglass stamp, this spider is highly venomous and waits in its web for prey to pass by. 
  • Arizona brown spider: This yellow and brown spider is clearly identified by the distinct markings on their head and they tend to live in wall voids or in packrat piles. 

At Green Home Pest Control, we specialize in safe spider control. Our methods rely on meticulous inspections, customized services that address spiders and the pests they eat, as well as routine follow-ups to ensure the complete removal of a spider problem. All of our services utilize botanically derived products and are guaranteed to last. For more information on these offerings, contact us today.

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How Do Spiders Find Their Way Into My Scottsdale Home?

Spiders are some of the craftiest pests that may invade your Scottsdale home, and they do so in order to gain access to the food and conditions that they so desire. One of the most common ways that spiders enter the home is through all of the little cracks and openings that may exist around your property. Even if they’re not visible to your eyes, there may be small gaps around your foundation that a spider could take advantage of. There are also countless opportunities for spiders to fit through the spaces around door frames and even sneak in through a window that doesn’t have a screen or that has a torn one. Spiders are also able to infest packages and boxes that have either been sitting on your porch or in a warehouse for a while. Sometimes spiders can also get brought into the house by hiding in outdoor gear after a hike or camping trip.

At Green Home Pest Control, we know how easy it is to develop a spider problem, which is why we provide homeowners with a comprehensive approach to their removal and prevention. With detailed inspections, customized treatment plans, and a pest-free guarantee, you’ll never need to worry about spiders again. For more information on spider control, contact us today.

Is This Spider In My Scottsdale Home Dangerous?

Of the spiders that can find their way inside your Scottsdale home, there are three species that are highly venomous, and therefore, very dangerous. The black widow spider is perhaps the most iconic of all of the species, with her glossy black coat and iconic red hourglass stamp. This type of spider typically waits in her web until prey passes by, at which point, she injects her venom. The black widow tends to be antisocial, but if it is crossed by someone entering its hiding spot, the spider might attack. The brown recluse is a small, light brown spider with long spindly legs. They have the best eyesight, with their six eyes, and typically live outside underneath porches and amidst rock piles. Similar to the black widow, the brown recluse doesn’t like to be around humans but will attack if they perceive a threat. There is also the Arizona brown spider, which is yellow and brown in coloring. This species lives in wall voids, dead wood, woodpiles, and attics. For spider protection from all of these harmful species, contact Green Home Pest Control today. 

Scottsdale's Complete Guide To Effective Spider Control

Keeping spiders from becoming an issue in Scottsdale’s properties can prove tricky for the average individual because spiders desire moist conditions and food, which comes in the form of other pests. In order to prevent these types of infestations, there are certain steps that can be taken in order to address them. Some of those include:

  • Tending to the yard. Storing firewood at least 20 feet away from the home, clearing brush and debris from a yard, and trimming back overhanging trees will all work to reduce spider activity. 
  • Check for water issues. Both inside and outside, troublesome water sources can lure spiders and pests of prey. Be sure to check on pipes, downspouts, and faucets routinely and fix them as required. This also means keeping basements, attics, and crawl spaces free from humidity. 
  • Fill up openings. Spiders and other pests can easily enter a home through the smallest crevices they find. Ensure that doors are well-fitted with weather stripping, cracks are filled with caulk, and that windows are left open judiciously. 
  • Keep things clean. Inside the home, it's important to maintain a hygienic environment. This means reducing areas of clutter, cleaning floors and surfaces, and doing the dishes on a regular basis. 
  • Be careful with food. Human and pet food are two of the biggest attractions for the pests that spiders eat, so always keep these items in sealed containers. 

For more information on spider control, contact Green Home Pest Control today.

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