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Types Of Spiders In Scottsdale

For residents of Scottsdale, there are many different types of spiders that they can encounter and each comes with its own unique series of issues and risks. Some of the most common types of spiders in the area include:

  • Wolf spider: This chunky, fuzzy species with big eyes is almost a caricature. They tend to live under woodpiles, and hunt their prey rather than build webs.
  • Daddy longlegs: Also known as the cellar spider, this tan-colored species thrives in moist conditions similar to the ones found in basements.
  • Western desert tarantula: This big, hairy species is known to be quite docile and prefers the arid climate that Scottsdale brings. They mostly stick to rocks and sand outside.
  • Brown recluse: With three sets of eyes, the brown recluse has excellent vision but wants nothing to do with humans. Sometimes they live in closets and basements, while other times they prefer garages and rock piles.
  • Black widow: Noted by the red hourglass stamp, this spider is highly venomous and waits in its web for prey to pass by.
  • Arizona brown spider: This yellow and brown spider is clearly identified by the distinct markings on their head and they tend to live in wall voids or in packrat piles.
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