For some people, any kind of spider is terrifying. While most common house spiders are harmless, Arizona does have a tendency to ramp up the level of danger when it comes to pests (we’re looking at you, Arizona bark scorpion). Fear of spiders is completely rational, seeing as a few spiders can do considerable harm, but the vast majority of spiders aren’t capable of really hurting people.

If you have a fear of spiders, save yourself some anxiety and learn about the venomous spiders in Arizona and how to keep them away from your home. In this article, you’ll learn more about spiders native to Arizona, the potential safety hazards they pose, and how to prevent and eliminate spiders from around your home.

Signs Of A Spider Infestation In Your Chandler Home
The number one way to tell if you have a spider infestation is if you’re seeing spiders everywhere. For the most part, spiders are always around, but if they’re prolific enough that you’re seeing them often, that’s a sign that they’re around in larger numbers than you’d like.

Other signs of an infestation include:

Old and new spider webs
Egg sacs
A lot of other kinds of bugs
Spiders aren’t all that likely to make their presence known, especially not recluse spiders. They also don’t prefer to be indoors. If they are inside your Chandler home, the most likely explanation is that they’ve got plenty of food to sustain them in the form of other pest prey.

Why Are Some People In Chandler Afraid Of Spiders?
Common house spiders are, for the most part, completely harmless. Common house spiders, daddy-long-legs (also known as cellar spiders), jumping spiders, and Wolf Spiders are incapable of causing people any harm. While all spiders have fangs and venom and are capable of biting, not all spiders can break our skin or have venom that would affect us.

Out of more than 45,000 known species of spider, less than 30 have caused human deaths. In the United States, there are only three spiders that can cause significant health effects. This is not to say that a fear of spiders is irrational, however. It’s healthy to be wary of things that can hurt you. However, arachnophobia, a more crippling fear of spiders, may be a disproportionate reaction to the level of threat spiders can actually pose to your health.

Even among venomous spiders in Arizona, major health threats are limited. From the tarantula (whose spines and bites have pain reactions equivalent to a bee sting) to the Arizona brown spider (a less dangerous relative of the brown recluse) and the black widow, you’re unlikely to run into any of these species indoors.

It’s healthy to fear and respect spiders enough to keep them out of your home, but there’s no need to give in to the fear. Spiders outside of your home are likely helping to control your insect population, and inside your home, are attempting to do the same. That is why spider prevention mainly comes down to eliminating the pest prey that are drawing spiders inside.

Four Spider Prevention Tips For Your Chandler Home
Spiders native to Arizona aren’t likely to be dangerous to your health, but it is better to be safe than sorry. To prevent spiders from overrunning your home, it comes down to protecting your home against the bugs that feed them. To prevent spiders in your Chandler home, try these four tips:

1. Seal cracks and holes around your home’s exterior and foundation with silicone-based caulk.

2. Turn off your porch light at night.

3. Vacuum, sanitize, and de-clutter your home often.

4. Regularly remove webs inside and outside of your home.

Spiders may look scary, but they’re just doing their part to get rid of other unwelcome visitors in your home. If you’ve got a persistent spider issue, the best way to get rid of spiders is to contact Green Home Pest Control to handle spiders and the pest prey problem.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Spiders In My Chandler Home?
If you have a spider problem, you have a pest prey problem. Don’t let your fear get the best of you. Call Green Home Pest Control to restore your peace of mind. The best way to get rid of spiders in Chandler is with our thorough inspection, treatment, and follow-up process. To get a free estimate and start your pest control regimen, visit our website or call Green Home Pest Control today.

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