Did you know that there are many different types of ? This might alarm you as everyone knows all too well the frightening sound of buzzing wings inside a home. The sight of a paper wasp might have you thinking of abandoning your home for greener, wasp-free, pastures. However, despite all types of wasps in Queen Creek you could find, not all of them are as problematic as you might think.

Still, it’s always unpleasant to find an . No matter the different wasps you may encounter, finding out what attracts wasps can be key in wasp removal. And when it comes to these flying aerial attackers, you should not take wasps lightly

How Dangerous Are Wasps In Queen Creek?

Did you know hornets, even the paper wasp, are more active in the summer months? What attracts wasps more often than not is gardens and meadows. This might be , but wasps too enjoy open fields.

However, unlike their flying counterpart, the bee wasps can often sting and many times. This alone can make them more dangerous. Not to mention, nearly all types of wasps in Queen Creek can even sting you after they’re dead. The venom in their stinger will keep secreting for a short while after they have died.

While most people will survive a wasp sting, several people still succumb to the sting each year. You could be allergic or have some medical complication that would make the sting more potent. Therefore, you shouldn’t mess around when dealing with tiny winged monsters.

Natural Wasp Prevention Tips For Queen Creek Properties

There are from being in or around your home. Here are a few different things you can do to stop the invasion:

  • Remove food sources around your home
  • Clear out any nest locations
  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Invest in plants that keep bugs away (or eat them)
  • Pick up loose trash
  • Cover any holes you find around your yard

While these are all solid preventative measures you can take, there is no real guarantee that they will effectively eliminate your problem. That being said, if you want the best treatment for getting rid of your wasp problem you should turn to a pro!

The Safest Form Of Wasp Control In Queen Creek

Wasps are not to be trifled with as they are typically aggressive by nature. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional to deal with and . An award-winning team like ours at Green Home Pest Control is just what you need!

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