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Cockroach Control In Surprise, AZ

Surprise, Arizona is a suburb of Phoenix with the charm of a small town and the excitement of a big city. Surprise has a lot to offer its residents, from outdoor activities and sports to art galleries and festivals.

Surprise is full of wonderful surprises, but some are not so pleasant. Finding a cockroach scuttling across your kitchen floor, for instance. For any unpleasant pest surprises, you can count on the team at Green Home Pest Control.

We offer residential and commercial pest control in Surprise, including cockroach control services. Read on to learn what all Surprise residents should know about cockroaches and how our professional cockroach solutions can help.

Most Common Cockroaches Found In Surprise

There are over 4,500 species of cockroaches worldwide, but luckily, we only have to deal with a handful here. In Surprise, the most common cockroaches are:

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are the most common home-invading species, and they are also the smallest, ranging between 1/2 to 5/8 inch long. They are identifiable by their light brown to tan coloring and two dark stripes behind their head.

American Cockroaches

American cockroaches are the largest home-invading species, ranging from 1 1/4 to 2 1/8 inches long. They are identifiable by their reddish-brown coloring and yellowish figure-8 pattern on the back of their head.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are another large species at about one inch long. They are identifiable by their shiny black or dark reddish-brown appearance.

If you don’t currently have a cockroach problem in your home, you can use these tips to prevent them:

  • Keep food stored properly in air-tight containers or the refrigerator.
  • Use garbage cans with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Clean up crumbs and spills right away, vacuuming and sweeping regularly.
  • Reduce moisture by addressing leaks, using dehumidifiers, and keeping your yard clear of organic debris.
  • Check the exterior of your home for cracks, damaged screens, and other entry points.

If you have an active infestation, don’t try to get rid of them on your own; call Green Home Pest Control instead.