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A Step-By-Step Ant Prevention Guide For Your Tempe Property

Ant pest control for Tempe homeowners is essential, as many different types of ants will try to invade. Below are some of the most common prevention tips:

  • Store food properly: If you have loose food in your pantries, ants will find this appealing as it provides easy access to the nutrients they need to survive. Start by storing your food in chew-proof containers and cleaning up edible messes as soon as they occur.

  • Trim shrubs near your home: Having lots of bushes and shrubs up against your house could also be why you see more ants on your window sills and in your home. Keep your plants, trees, and shrubs maintained by trimming them regularly and keeping them from brushing up against the siding.

  • Eliminate other insects: Many ants will eat the bodies of other deceased insects. If you are dealing with another type of insect infestation, ants may not be too far off. Reach out for help dealing with any existing insect infestations.

At Green Home Pest Control, we specialize in ant pest control, and our expert technicians will help you figure out precisely what you need to do to prevent the ants from invading your home and yard. Give us a call today!

How Dangerous Are Southern Fire Ants On My Tempe Property?

The Arizona desert is no stranger to dangerous pests. Unfortunately, southern fire ants are one of those dangerous insects. Below are some of the reasons to seek help from a Green Home Pest Control pro for help with these harmful ants:

  • Painful stings: Southern fire ants are notorious for their bites and stings. Unlike bees, these ants are capable of biting and stinging repeatedly and also attack in swarms.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people have an allergic reaction to southern fire ant bites. These reactions range from mild irritation to severe anaphylactic shock.
  • Property damage: Not only do southern fire ants harm people, but they are also known for damaging property as they chew plastic wire covers.

If you are dealing with these horrible ants, don't risk someone in your household getting swarmed and hurt. Let the pest control experts at Green Home Pest Control remove them for you.

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Are Carpenter Ants Still A Threat To Tempe Homes?

Carpenter ants in Tempe are still a threat to your home. They are capable of causing all sorts of damage to both you and your property. Here are some of the issues to be aware of:

  • They can weaken the structural integrity of your house: Carpenter ants chew through any kind of wood and build their nests within it. The more colonies you have building nests in your home, the weaker the structural integrity of your house will become. Over time, your building could become unsafe. 
  • They can contaminate your food: Carpenter ants will travel great lengths when foraging for food. They will happily chew through boxes and plastic and mess up your pantries and cupboards.
  • They can bite: Perhaps the only thing going for carpenter ants is that they do not spread diseases to humans. However, their bites are still extremely painful and mimic bee stings.

Carpenter ants in Tempe are no joke. Their ability to potentially destroy your home makes them more dangerous than any other type of ant. It takes an expert with the correct tools and knowledge to permanently eradicate them from within your walls. Give Green Home Pest Control a call today to get this process started.

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Green Home Pest Control is a local, family-owned and operated pest control business in Phoenix, and we bring many years of ant control experience to the Valley. Our technicians are highly trained and vetted before being sent out into the field, and our mission is to provide the highest-quality pest control for any need you might have. Our services are guaranteed, and we provide free estimates and emergency, same-day services. 

If ants are invading your Tempe home, don't waste your time and money on over-the-counter products that don't work. Give the experts a call today!

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