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How Bad Is It To Have Bees On My Tempe Property?

A commonly searched question on the internet is how to control bees in your yard. Here in Tempe, there are many kinds of bees and wasps that we might run into, and each can be dangerous. Below are some of the reasons it is essential to seek professional help when you have a bee problem:

  • Stings: While this is obvious, it is terrible to have bees on your Tempe property because they are likely to sting you. These stings are often painful, even if it’s just one bee, and swarms can be deadly.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people have allergic reactions to bee stings. While some luck out with a mild response, others could go into anaphylactic shock, which can be deadly if you do not seek immediate medical treatment.
  • Property damage: Bees and wasps like to build their nests in inconvenient places like fence posts, ground holes, or eaves. These nests can damage your property if they are left there too long.
Is your family in danger?

You, your family, and your pets are at risk of suffering a bee swarm if you have a hive on your property. At Green Home Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being able to remove bees without anyone getting hurt. Reach out today to request a quote.