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Three Things Everyone In Tempe Should Know About Cockroaches

A cockroach infestation is easily one of the most frustrating infestations you can deal with as a homeowner here in Tempe. These insects are notorious for their filth, and they are virtually impossible to get rid of once they move in. Below are three things everyone should know about the cockroaches here in Tempe:

  1. There are several types of cockroaches in Tempe: The most common types of cockroaches you will find in homes and businesses are the American cockroach, German cockroach, European cockroach, and the brown-banded cockroach.

  2. Tempe's temperature is ideal for a cockroach infestation to thrive: Unfortunately, all types of cockroaches thrive in warmer temperatures, so Tempe's environment makes them a year-round problem.

  3. Cockroaches in Tempe are resilient: These pesky insects can live up to a week without their heads and survive up to three months without food. Their exoskeleton also makes them difficult to crush.

At Green Home Pest Control, our technicians have experience rooting out the source of a cockroach infestation and permanently exterminating them. Because they are so difficult to kill, we strongly recommend the help of a professional.

The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Your Tempe Home

Cockroaches are transmitters of many different harmful illnesses. Because they spread bacteria in your kitchen or wherever you are storing, preparing, and eating food, you will likely fall ill if you have an infestation. These are some of the diseases they can spread to you:

  • Salmonella: This is one of the most common yet devastating gastrointestinal diseases roaches can cause. Because roaches themselves are so resilient, it should come as no surprise that the strains of salmonella they pass onto humans are also resistant to treatment.
  • Listeria: This particular illness is considered the most severe and dangerous form of food poisoning. Cockroaches quickly spread this by scuttling over your eating utensils and countertops.
  • E. Coli: Another severe gastrointestinal disease, this illness is contracted through exposure to cockroach feces.

Tempe pest control professionals from Green Home Pest Control can clear your home of these potentially dangerous pests in a prompt, efficient manner and help you sanitize the infestation site afterward to ensure no one becomes ill.

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Putting An End To Tempe Cockroach Infestations

The good news is that you can prevent a cockroach infestation with a few simple steps. Here are some things everyone can do today to keep them from setting up shop in your home:

  • Clean up food mess: By thoroughly cleaning any messes made with food and drink, you reduce the risk of an infestation. Also, sanitize your eating spaces after every meal.
  • Properly store food: Another essential habit is storing food in sealed containers that can't be chewed through and don't leave messes or spills.
  • Seal up your house: Go around your home and look for any holes. Patch up tiny cracks and crevices, as roaches are notorious for sneaking through them.
  • Take out the garbage: Regularly take out the trash before it starts to smell or overflow. Doing this will make your home less appealing overall.

If you have done all of this but still aren't sure how cockroaches are getting in, we can help. Our cockroach control technicians can help you figure out what you need to do for your specific environment to keep these pests out.

Why Professional Cockroach Treatment Is Necessary For Tempe Homes

A professional is needed for cockroaches not just because they are harmful to human health but also because DIY methods don't work. Cockroaches have grown resistant to the chemicals in over-the-counter products, so you'll waste time and money trying to remove them on your own.

At Green Home Pest Control, we use the toughest pest control tools and treatments available to ensure quick and effective relief from your infestation. Don't let these pests take over your home and make you ill. Call us today for cockroach protection services.

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