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The Problems That Come With Pigeons Around Your Tempe Property

Pigeons, considered the most urban creature known to man, are also considered the rodents of the bird world. While many people tend to like pigeons and have no problem feeding them, they don’t realize the dangers these birds pose to our health and the safety of Tempe's properties.

Pigeons weren’t always so domesticated and accustomed to humans in cities and suburbs. Pigeons are descendants of cave birds that lived in coastal and mountainous areas. Some pigeons still migrate to these areas to mate and breed. Still, their reliance and adaptability to human waste and structures and buildings have made them an everyday staple of animal life in certain parts of the United States, especially Tempe. However, just because it’s common to see pigeons, that doesn’t mean they’re welcome on our properties.

The dangers associated with pigeons include the following: 

  • Disease: Pigeons carry diseases like cryptococcus, histoplasmosis, and psittacosis in their droppings, and they spread these diseases airborne when the droppings are disturbed.

  • Parasites: Pigeons not only carry disease, but they also carry ectoparasites as well such as lice, ticks, and mites.

  • Property Damage: Pigeons on your property run the risk of shorting electrical equipment, clogging gutters, ruining wood, discoloring buildings, and car paint, all of which can either damage a business reputation or decrease a home’s curb appeal– an overall drop in property value.

Knowing these problems associated with pigeons should make you more conscientious of their dangers to your health and property. If your Tempe property is suffering from the presence of pigeons, call Green Home Pest Control today.

Don't Try To Get Rid Of Pigeons On Your Tempe Property On Your Own

One of the last things you want to do is attempt pigeon removal on your own, despite YouTube and all these tutorial videos telling you it’s easy and there’s no need to hire professionals. A lot of these videos fail to make viewers realize that some of the removal and prevention tactics require the use of a ladder, for instance, to remove nests from gutters or your roof. 

The dangers present in this scenario are, one, the ladder. If you have one misstep on a ladder, you could fall and seriously injure yourself. Secondly, removing nests on your roof is not only dangerous, but it’s illegal if there are active brooding birds or eggs in the nest. Plus, if pigeons have baby birds in their nests, they may flap at you to protect their young.

All in all, the risks are too significant. There are reasons why there are pigeon control professionals, and that’s because it’s not easy, and it requires skill and training to correctly and humanely remove pigeons. Call Green Home Pest Control to schedule your residential or commercial services if you're having a pigeon problem on your Tempe property.

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What You Should Do About Pigeon Problems Around Tempe

Call the eco-friendly professionals at Green Home Pest Control. We will work with you to eliminate your current pigeon problem and prevent them from returning. Whether safeguarding your family or your customers and employees, our pest control technicians are highly trained and skilled in removing pigeons from residential and commercial properties. So the moment a few pigeons start turning into groups of pigeons, it’s time to call the professionals to stop a potential infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons In Tempe

The one thing you don’t want to do is attempt to get rid of pigeons on your own. At Green Home Pest Control, we have specific pigeon control offerings for residential and commercial customers. Our approach to pigeon control is unique because we use safer and more strategic methods administered by the most qualified technicians in the area.

Our pigeon control products are non-toxic for people and pets and eliminate the risk of property damage and health risks, all while being humane to the pigeons. Here are some of our techniques for effective bird control services.

  • Exclusion Wire Mesh
  • Perching Wires
  • Stainless Steel Spikes
  • Trapping
  • Bird Netting

There’s a good chance you moved to Tempe to live or finally start the business of your dreams, and never in a million years did you ever imagine pigeons would be one of your problems.

However, now that you know pigeons are a problem, all you can do is be proactive in dealing with them, which means investing in pigeon control services. Our services begin with a thorough inspection of your property to find what’s attracting them to your property and the conducive conditions you may unknowingly be providing for them. 

Once our assessment is complete, we’ll correctly treat your property based on our findings. We will recommend prevention strategies you can implement on your own. Our technicians are highly-skilled and knowledgable and have been thoroughly vetted, trained, and tested before we send them out to handle your pigeon problem.

We are confident that our pigeon control services will go above and beyond what you expected. Give Green Home Pest Control a call and find out for yourself.

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