Five Reasons Rodents Love Tempe

Who would have thought that rodents love Tempe as much as the residents? As humans, we love the beautiful weather, climates, and natural scenery. On the other hand, Rodents love Tempe for what we as humans provide for them, and by the increased rodent population on several properties, you would think we welcome them with open arms. Though we don’t necessarily have “All Rodents Welcome” signs in our front yards, we still unknowingly attract rodents to our properties. Take a look at five ways you could be welcoming rodents to your home without realizing it:

  • You’re Leaving Pet Food Out: When using your pet food bowls outdoors, properly dispose of the food and wash the container, leaving no food residue, as your pet’s food is food that rodents enjoy Once they’ve nibbled on even the tiniest piece, the entire serving of food is contaminated and not safe for your pet to eat.
  • You Have Water Sources Easily Accessible: Everything from your pet’s water bowl and leaking pipes to the saucer under potted plants holding excess water is a viable water source for rodents; they’ll take water any way.
  • You Have Fallen Fruit On The Ground In Your Yard: In Tempe, it’s prevalent for properties to have fruit trees in the yard, and with fruit trees comes fallen fruit sitting on the ground. Rodents love citrus fruit, so you often see rotted fruit or fruit with holes in them from rodents gnawing on them. You should harvest fruit and keep it off the ground.
  • You’re Providing Hiding Places: You should keep it to a minimum for clutter or debris in your yard. Things like firewood or leaf piles need to be placed far away from your home.
  • You’re Providing Easy Access Inside Your Home: Rodents generally have poor eyesight and don’t depend on it to get around. They tend to crawl along the exterior of your home, feeling the warmth from small openings inside your home. Once they find a warm breeze, they attempt to get inside.
What you can do to prevent and eliminate rodents

These reasons are why rodents love Tempe as much as we do. However, that doesn’t mean they’re welcome on our properties. You can make efforts on your end to make your property less attractive to them. Still, professional rodent control services will be the safest measure to take, as rodents carry and spread various diseases. To get your rodent control services started today, call Green Home Pest Control.