There are many ways to eliminate common spiders. Some are better than others. There are various price points to consider, and you’ll need to decide how much work you’re willing to do. All-natural spider management works best and doesn’t cost you anything but some sweat. Professional control is easy, but you’ll have to spend money for that level of spider control. Only you can decide how much control you want and how much work you want to do to tackle spider pest control in Tucson. Join us as we examine how some Tucson residents attempt to eliminate spiders. We’ll discuss the positives and negatives and share five great tips for natural spider management. Stay with us to the end, and we will share how licensed professionals handle common spiders in Tucson. You’ll get great ideas from start to finish. Enjoy!

Does Vacuuming Eliminate Bugs & Spiders?
First, let’s explain the connection between bugs and spiders. When we get this question, it is because residents aren’t having trouble with spiders alone. They see house flies, centipedes, ants, roaches, and other common pests along with spiders. Why do you see bugs when you see spiders? Because spiders eat bugs. Simple, right? It is essential to understand this because vacuuming your home to address spiders requires you to consider the bugs in your home. Let’s look at a few examples:

When ants enter your home, you can suck those ants up and put the bag outside. Doing this will stop the ants for the moment and remove the food source spiders want to find in your home.

Vacuuming your rugs removes some bugs and their eggs. Fleas are a good example. Flea eggs and the wiggly, worm-like larvae of fleas hide in carpets, couches, chairs, and other places you may clean with your vacuum.

When you start to see a swarm of tiny black flies in your home, you may have some success sucking them up when they cling like tiny black specks to your shower and bathroom walls. We don’t recommend this approach, but it can remove some of them.

Your vacuum is a helpful tool for removing bugs, but the real power it brings to the table is the ability to remove the reason bugs want to live in your home. Many bugs live in your home because they find food debris. Your vacuum can remove food debris. When you actively keep your home as clean as possible, you systemically deter bugs and the spiders that eat them.

As you can see, we’re not against using your vacuum to deal with pests. It is a great tool. If you’re willing to do the hard work, it is a tool that provides all-natural management of several pests, including spiders in Tucson.

Okay. Vacuuming helps remove the food source spiders look for in your home. Is that all it can do? No. You can use your vacuum as a direct method to remove spiders or as a way to deter spiders.

Remove Spiders: If you see spider webs with tiny spiders in them, a strong vacuum is a simple way to suck those spiders up and remove them from your home. You can also use your vacuum to get tiny spiders that aren’t on their webs. Unfortunately, your vacuum is no match for a big, hairy wolf spider or a tarantula. You’ll have to use another method to deal with big spiders like those.

Remove Spider Webs: When you use a vacuum to remove a spider web, two things happen that you may not realize. First, removing a spider web deters spiders from creating webs because it sends a signal to the spiders that the area is unsafe for web creation. Second, removing a spider web can potentially remove hundreds of spiders. Really? Yes, a spider egg sac can have hundreds of spider eggs inside. Those eggs are spiders waiting to happen.

Your vacuum helps address bugs and spiders. So, we would say that you can eliminate these creatures with your vacuum. But it isn’t the best or most complete way to address bugs and spiders. It is only one tool in your arsenal.

Will Bleaching The Floors Deter Spiders?
Some Tucson residents use bleach to deter spiders by applying the product to floors, while others use it to spray webs. In both cases, bleach is not a great way to deal with spiders. It is a harmful substance you can replace with other products or methods.

There are many reasons given on the internet for why bleach works to deter spiders. Most do not have any science to back the claims. What we know for sure about bleach is that it is effective for sanitation, which can help reduce filth pests that spiders eat. As for whether you’ll deter spiders directly by applying bleach to floors, we can’t say for sure.

What about spraying bleach on spiders and their webs? It is unnecessary. You can remove spider webs with a web-removal tool and crush or burn any spider egg sacs you find. There is no need to use a harmful liquid.

If you choose to use bleach for sanitation, we understand. It can reduce bacteria and deter roaches, flies, and other pests that prefer unsanitary areas. But an eco-friendly spray, such as vinegar and water, can achieve similar results.

Five Home Spider Control Tips For Arachnophobes
There are all-natural ways to reduce the number of spiders in your house. If you don’t mind rolling your sleeves up, these ideas will work much better than vacuuming your home and cleaning floors with bleach.

Address breeding sites. When you have bugs in your home, sucking them up with your vacuum will only address the symptom of your problem (the bugs you see). It won’t address the source. Clean drains, remove food sources, clean trash receptacles, ensure your cat is covering waste in the litter box, etc. These steps will all help to arrest pest activity in your home.
Address moisture problems. Bugs and spiders will want to live in your home if they can find a moisture source. The constant dripping of a showerhead is enough water for pests. A weeping garbage disposal that you’ve put a bucket underneath to catch the occasional drips will provide a strong attractant for pests. Fix plumbing issues to remove moisture, humidity, fungus, mold, and other conditions that inspire pest activity. When you remove what attracts spiders, you make them less likely to live in your home.
Remove webs indoors and outside. We touched on this already, but it is worth adding to this list. There are few ways to deter spiders as effectively as removing their webs. Attach a spider web removal tool to a pole to get webs on your indoor ceilings and hard-to-reach webs around your exterior.
Remove attractants around your home. Spiders get into your home because they first find reasons to explore the exterior of your home. Reduce exterior attractants to reduce spider populations and activity. Rake leaves up, remove sticks, and reduce clutter in your yard. Get your trash to the curb weekly to prevent strong odors that attract flies and other pests that spiders eat. Trim your landscape vegetation to reduce moist hiding places.
Seal exterior entry points. A spider won’t chew a hole to get into your home. It will take advantage of holes that already exist. There are a few ways to prevent them, such as filling holes and gaps with expanding foam or caulking material and replacing weatherstrippings, door sweeps, and screens.
Keeping spiders out isn’t easy, but you can achieve great results if you do the work. What if you don’t want to do the work? The answer to that question is simple. You can contact Green Home Pest Control to get residential pest control for spiders in Tucson. Not only do we help you reduce your workload, we provide the best spider control possible.

Total Spider Control For Tucson Homes
The Green Home Pest Control team customizes your residential pest control plan to meet your specific needs. Your technician will inspect your home and consider pest pressures, conducive conditions, spider activity, and other critical factors. We use the finding of your inspection to outline a plan to address spiders directly and reduce the food sources spiders look for in your yard. Here are a few ways we stop spiders and other pests from getting into your home.

Granular treatments in your yard and landscaping reduce pest activity and help to control outdoor spiders before they become indoor pests.
A liquid barrier treatment stops pests from living near your home and entering through tiny gaps and cracks.
Spider web removal prevents spiders from making webs and removes spider egg sacs.
Indoor treatments repel bugs and spiders and drive them out.
These and other pest management methods keep spiders out of your home permanently. If you’d like to learn more about how spider control fits into year-round pest control or you would like to schedule a service visit, jump to our contact page and drop us a line. We look forward to helping you find the perfect solution for your family. You don’t have to live with occasional visits from spiders or spider webs around your home. Connect with us today for proactive spider prevention and start living the spider-free life.

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