On the surface, ants might not seem like a very bothersome pest, unlike others like cockroaches, venomous spiders, or wasps. But there is more than one variety of ant, some of which can be very destructive and vectors of dangerous diseases. Ants quickly invade food supplies and find areas of your home where it is safe to find shelter and grow their colony.

They will spread bacteria and diseases throughout your home, including salmonella, streptococcus, Shigella, and other pathogens. Some of them, like carpenter ants, will even create galleries inside your walls where they will lay eggs and cause significant property damage. Unlike termites, they can’t digest the cellulose found in drywall and wood beams and will leave tell-tale piles of sawdust you will notice once the infestation is large enough. Some ants, like Southern fire ants, can be dangerous and aggressive if they sense a threat to their colony. If ants are invading your property, time to discover how to tell if you have an ant infestation and understand the many issues ants can cause in your home. You will learn the most efficient way to eliminate an infestation and five simple tips to prevent them. If ants have taken over, Green Home Pest Control provides pest control in Chandler that you can rely on to exterminate the entire colony safely.

How To Tell If You Have An Ant Infestation
There are many ways that you can tell if you have an ant infestation, but the surefire way to find out is if you see ants around your home. If you wake up to a trail of ants in the morning after leaving food out overnight, you likely have an ant problem and might be dealing with odorous house ants or harvester ants. However, if you hear crinkling noises at night coming from your walls or find piles of fine sawdust nearby, carpenter ants could be the culprit. Finding mounds outdoors could indicate an ant infestation in your backyard.

While dealing with the infestation independently can seem like a good idea, especially if the issue appears to be recent, it is always best to refer to pest control professionals who will inspect your property and identify the invading ant species. While store-bought products can seem adequate at first, they are rarely powerful enough to reach the queen ant, who can replenish the colony faster than you can exterminate it. And because ants use pheromones to communicate, what seems like a small ant problem one day can quickly turn into a more significant problem if they alert the rest of the colony to the presence of food, shelter, or water.

If you believe you have ants in your home, you need to learn about the many issues they can cause and your options for safe but effective ant control.

The Many Issues Ants Can Cause In Your Home
Ants can cause many issues inside homes, arguably even more than outdoors. For instance:

Ants can transmit diseases: Ants, like many other invasive pests, can transmit dangerous diseases like salmonella, Shigella, E. Coli, and more. They can do so easily by being in contact with your food. If you find ants in your kitchen or pantry, you must determine which foods were affected and dispose of them. Consuming them can expose you to various bacteria and fungi; this is primarily a problem with odorous house ants.
Ants can cause structural damage: Much like termites, carpenter ants can chew galleries inside of walls. They can do this for years before being detected. You will want to look for tiny holes in walls, hollow-sounding wood, and frass or sawdust, all signs of a carpenter’s ant infestation.
Ants can take over homes: Ants can reproduce quickly regardless of the type. While you might only see the smaller worker ants, the larger and longer-living queen ants are multiplying behind the scenes, replenishing the colony even if you can target worker ants with store-bought pesticides.
If you are dealing with an ant problem, do not wait for the infestation to become more extensive. Read on to discover the most efficient way to eliminate it safely.

The Most Efficient Way To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation
The most efficient way to eliminate an ant infestation is to use the latest scientific findings in pest control. Ant control solutions vary depending on the species that has taken over your home; some are more effective than others. Relying on store-bought products alone without understanding why the infestation occurred and what factors keep it thriving will often make it enlarged and more challenging to exterminate.

At Green Home Pest Control, we are proud to offer some of the best ant pest control near you to keep your household and home safe from these tiny but destructive insects. There is a reason why we are one of the top-rated pest control companies in Arizona. Our services are effective and reliable. As a locally owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience, excellent customer service is at the forefront of our team’s focus. Whether you are dealing with carpenter ants chewing galleries inside your walls, fire ants that threaten to inflict painful stings and bites on your family, or odorous ants trying to invade and contaminate your food supply, we can help. Call us or visit our website today to schedule a home inspection and request a free estimate.

After identifying why ants are attracted to your property and determining how they enter, we will recommend various treatment plans and eco-friendly products that are safe for everyone, including your pets. Our team of licensed technicians is flexible and will accommodate all needs and schedules whenever possible. Once your infestation is taken care of, we will show you tips to prevent future ones.

Five Simple Tips To Prevent Future Ant Infestations
Avoiding future ant infestation is easier with these five ant prevention tips:

Don’t leave food out for ants to invade: Because ants are naturally attracted to food, storing ingredients known to draw them in is always helpful in preventing an infestation. Some foods ants often go for include sweet and sugary ones like sugar, honey, and fruits and protein-rich and greasy foods like meats, peanut butter, and more. It is always best to keep all ingredients in tightly closed containers rather than resealable plastic bags and inspect your pantry regularly for ants.

Clean your kitchen thoroughly every day: While pantries are a convenient source of nourishment for ants, these tiny pests are happy to live off crumbs, spills, and leftovers. You must at least rinse your dishes after eating and clean floors and counters regularly throughout the day. It would be best to clean spills immediately and check your cupboards regularly to ensure ants have not invaded snacks and other treats. If you have ants in your home, it is best to disinfect surfaces often.

Seal off entry points: Make it more challenging for ants to come indoors by sealing their access points; this means fixing or replacing window frames that are no longer in good shape or fitting them with fine-mesh screens. Door sweeps can also prevent ants from coming inside. If you have cracks in your roof, floors, walls, or foundation, reach out to a pest control company or contractor to see how you can best close them off.

Take advantage of home inspections: Figuring out how and why ants are invading can sometimes be a puzzle. But experienced pest control professionals are trained to spot the factors that might cause an ant problem and have the knowledge to eliminate them safely for long-term ant control.

Fix water leaks: Ants, like many pests, including termites and cockroaches, are attracted to moisture. If your home has leaks, they can attract various unwanted insects and create structural damage by causing the wood to rot. Also, check for clogged or poorly draining pipes or garbage disposals.

Along with ant treatments when needed, these five simple tips can keep ant infestations at bay effectively. Contact a pest control professional who can advise you based on your needs and situation for more natural ways to eliminate ants.

Ants are little invasive pests that can create many issues, from introducing and spreading dangerous bacteria throughout your home to causing structural damage, like termites. Unfortunately, DIY home remedies are rarely effective in the case of established ant colonies, as treatments must reach the queen to exterminate them fully.

At Green Home Pest Control, we proudly offer ant control in Chandler and have the experience to tackle various ant infestations while keeping you and your loved ones safe. Contact us today to make your ant problem a thing of the past.

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