Arizona is home to a number of species that property owners of all kinds need to be on the lookout for. However, perhaps the most menacing looking of these creatures is the scorpion. A symbol of desert living, the scorpion is shrouded in misinformation, making it harder for to know what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to dealing with these pests. Read on to learn why scorpions might be invading your property, as well as the threat they pose and how to control them.

Why Scorpions Invade Tucson Properties

The first step to effectively controlling is knowing why they might want to invade your property in the first place. Here are some reasons you may be seeing them around:

  1. Food: Like all pests, scorpions are likely to invade properties where there is a source of food. If your Tucson property already has a lot of insects present, it is more likely to be invaded by scorpions looking for an easy meal.
  2. Darkness: Scorpions are nocturnal, meaning they spend their days hiding in dark crevices and anywhere else they can hide from the light. This makes your basement, attic, or garage a very appealing place to hang out while they wait for nightfall to hunt. You will also need to check the insides of your shoes before putting them on to make sure there are no scorpions hiding in there.
  3. Moisture: While on the hunt for prey, scorpions know that their food is also likely to be hanging out by a water source, so anywhere on your property where there is moisture buildup or leaky pipes, scorpions can be found as well.
  4. Shelter: Like many other pests, scorpions are a big fan of clutter. If your Tucson property has a lot of boxes or other material items squished together to create a bunch of tiny holes and crack, and crevices, it is likely scorpions may be hiding in them.

How Bad Is It To Have Scorpions On My Tucson Property?

No matter what kind of property you own in Tucson, . Scorpion stings are incredibly painful, first and foremost. If one were to sting you, a family member, employee, or patron, they could also cause severe health issues. These problems include heart, breathing, and muscle problems.

In addition, scorpion stings can also cause allergic reactions in people. This type of allergic reaction is typically known to cause swelling of the lymph nodes, eyelids, and tongue, and vomiting may also occur in sting victims.

Easy & Effective Scorpion Control Tips For Tucson Properties

Now that you know , there are several steps you can take to try to prevent them from wanting to invade your property in the first place:

  • Remove their food source: Since scorpions are always on the lookout for food, one of the best things you can do to prevent them from infesting your property is to remove the food source. Make sure to kill insects and deal with the root of that infestation first. When that is dealt with, it is less likely scorpions will invade.
  • Seal up holes: Go around your property and look for any holes a scorpion might be able to squeeze through and gain access to your property. Even if the hole is super tiny, it is still smart to clog it up, as scorpions are capable of squeezing through even the tiniest of holes.
  • Clear up debris: Scorpions like hanging out in woodpiles, compost, and vegetation. Clearing up all the loose debris and plants in your yard and maintaining it will keep scorpions from wanting to hang out there.

The Secret To Total Scorpion Control For Tucson Properties

If there are scorpions on your Tucson property, don’t try to remove them yourself. Given how dangerous they can be, the best thing you can do is call Green Home Pest Control. With more than 30 years of experience in the pest control industry, our expert technicians will with the skills and tools they need to safely and effectively exterminate them permanently. Additionally, our home and commercial pest control products are eco-friendly and safe for children and pests. Owning a property of any sort is stressful. Let us handle the scorpions!

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