There are several scorpions and none of them belong in your home. But most people don’t understand just how dangerous scorpions are. Before you find yourself face-to-face with a scorpion, learn more about the hazards of living with them.

The Glendale Scorpions

There are three and all of them have the potential to be hazardous to humans. As one of the most common scorpions in the area, the bark scorpion sometimes invades homes. It has a long and slender appearance with a thin tail. When it lives in the desert, this scorpion is a tannish yellow or orange color.

Meanwhile, the giant hairy is the largest scorpion in the country. It’s easy to identify because it has a hairy and robust body. With a black back and yellow appendages, this scorpion is hard to miss. The stripetail scorpion is also easy to identify due to its spiny and striped appearance. It’s light in color and often hides out under rocks.

Are The Local Scorpions Dangerous?

The scorpions of Glendale aren’t known for being lethal. However, they could be fatal under certain circumstances. Out of all the local scorpions, the bark scorpion has the nastiest sting. With powerful venom in its stinger, this scorpion could send you to the hospital. At a minimum, a sting will cause pain and discomfort..

Typically, result in swelling, muscle spasms, and breathing issues. If someone fails to seek medical attention for a sting, they could be at risk of long-term complications. The other scorpions in the area are less dangerous than bark scorpions but still pose a threat to you.

The biggest issue with scorpions is the chance of an allergic reaction. When people have allergies to scorpion venom, they face severe health risks. You could go into anaphylactic shock, or experience other issues.

The Truth About Scorpions

While it’s true that scorpions are dangerous, they’re not quite as hazardous as you might think. These are reluctant to sting. They don’t go out of their way to sting people, and most stings are accidental encounters or someone attempting to hold the scorpion.

Despite the gentle nature of scorpions, you probably don’t want them crawling around your home. They tend to hide under objects, which means you could have an unwanted encounter. You might find them under rocks, leaf litter, or objects inside your home.

Scorpion Prevention Tips

If you don’t want to come across a scorpion on your property, you need to have a proactive approach. Consider doing all of the following to :

  • Eliminate Standing Water: When there’s no water on your property, scorpions can’t survive. Keep them away by eliminating all standing water from your property.
  • Seal Cracks: If you have any crevices or cracks around your property, scorpions can get inside. Check around your doors, windows, and walls for potential openings and seal them up.
  • Inspect Your Home: Every so often, check the dark areas of your home for scorpions. They could be in your cabinets or closets.
  • Clear Your Yard: If you have piles of leaves or wood in your yard, you could have scorpions. Throw away yard debris and store wood far from your home.
  • Keep Other Pests Away: Do you take any measures to keep crickets and other insects away? If not, scorpions will have plenty of food. Hire a pest control expert for help.

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