Pigeons might have one of the worst reputations of any . But do they deserve it? After all, when is the last time you got attacked by a pigeon? While you might not be able to put your finger on what makes people hate pigeons, they really are one of the dirtiest and most dangerous bird species on earth.

Pigeon Habits And Habitats

Pigeons are typically gray in color with spots of purples or greens near their necks. They usually weigh just under a pound and measure less than a foot in length. They frequent areas of high human activity because they’re heavily reliant on human-provided food sources like trash and spilled food. They also rely on humans to provide their favorite nesting areas. While they prefer rural settings the most, places like barns, feed mills, and silos, they also frequent parks, buildings, and bridges in city settings. However, no matter where these invasive birds live, they can cause a lot of problems. While pigeons search for sources of food among human waste, they’ll pick up all sorts of diseases that they can transfer to humans, from salmonella and food poisoning to cryptococcosis. Plus, they’re known carriers of other contaminated pests like fleas, lice, and ticks. Their feces, while toxic, can also create very slippery walkways that cause slips, spills, and injuries, but the risks don’t stop there. Along with health problems, pigeons can cause damage to homes and businesses. have been known to increase the rate of decay in all sorts of structures, leaving costly damage in their wake.

Proper Pigeon Prevention

Since , keeping them off of your property needs to be a priority. The first step towards avoiding pigeon activity on your property is to ensure they never get fed voluntarily. If you’re running a business, make sure to discourage customers from feeding pigeons, and do not leave easily accessible food lying around the outside of your home or businesses. Along with eliminating their access to food, you can also attempt to make any possible roosting areas inhospitable. Many home and business owners rely heavily on spikes or glue, while the more environmentally conscious might prefer to use other devices to fill in possible landing areas or turn possible resting places into uncomfortable slopes. Plastic snakes, birds, and other fakes that attempt to act as a scarecrow to these pests don’t outsmart them for very long, so many home and business owners quickly become frustrated trying to deal with pigeons. Fortunately, Green Home Pest Control is in the business of protecting your home or business. If you have an existing pigeon problem, don’t put yourself at risk of danger or disease by trying to remove these birds yourself. offers on-call technicians that can safely get rid of your pigeon problems. Plus, we offer that will keep these birds away for good. With environmentally friendly treatments and knowledgeable bird control experts, we can guarantee that your home or business will remain safe from bird invasions. If you’re not happy with the results, then we’ll be happy to come out at your earliest convenience. When you think about how inconsistent the results of DIY pigeon control can be, along with how dangerous a pigeon infestation can become, it’s really a no-brainer. Contact Green Home Pest Control to get started today.

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