Termites are among the most damaging pests that may infest your Chandler home. One of the biggest challenges with identifying a termite infestation is the fact that termites usually perform their work out of sight, which means you could have a problem for months or even years before you know about it. One way to know if you may have a termite problem is the presence of termite swarmers. Seeing these winged insects flying in a swarm is a sure indication that it’s time for professional help. Green Home Pest Control provides effective to protect your home from these wood-destroying pests.

What Do Termite Swarmers Look Like?

are a significant problem for homeowners, and a termite swarm is a clear indicator that you’ve got a problem. Swarms are one of the classic signs of termites that let you know that you’ve got a big problem. Can termites fly? Absolutely! On a warm late spring or early summer day, thousands of young reproductive termites leave their nest looking for a mate and a new home. Together, they fly in tightly packed clouds or swarms, drop their wings, and settle into their new location. Make sure you inspect your window sills for droppings or wings; it’s a sign that a termite swarm has just been there.

Termite Swarmers Could Be The First Warning Sign

A swarm of termites in your Chandler home could be the first sign of a termite infestation. Seeing a swarm means you need to look for other telltale signs of termite issues. Other symptoms of a termite infestation include:

  • Wood that sounds hollow when you tap it.
  • Mud tubes found in your home that are the width of a pencil.
  • Floors that feel spongy or look blistered.
  • Tiles loosening from your kitchen floors.
  • Buckling wood or laminate floors.

These are some of the signs that termites have been at work in your home. If you spot any of these signs, enlist the help of professional . Green Home Pest Control can effectively manage a termite infestation and keep it from returning.

How Long Do Termite Swarms Last?

Seasonally, termite swarms usually happen in the late spring or early summer. When a swarm starts, it lasts for about 30-40 minutes. This swarm involves termites swarming around a light source to escape their colonies and seek out potential new nesting sites. If they don’t find any soil, they die within a few hours. How Do You Get Rid Of Termite Swarmers?

DIY methods of dealing with termites and their swarms are rarely, if ever, effective. Because termites do most of their work out of sight, just dealing with the visible swarmers won’t affect the bulk of the colony, and even if only a few termites remain, the infestation will quickly return to its previous numbers. The only way to guarantee that your Chandler home is rid of termites is by calling a professional like Green Home Pest Control. We can get the job done right and protect your home for good.

We know what it takes to stop these termite swarms from appearing in your house and keep them away for good. Don’t wait until termites have seriously damaged your biggest investment. Call Green Home Pest Control for safe, and effective and services.

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