Ticks are parasites that attach to animals. They don’t crawl into your home through tiny openings in your exterior. They hitch a ride. Today, we’re going to offer up three simple yet effective tick-control tips that take into consideration how ticks go from nature to the interior of your Chandler property.

1. Protect Your Pets
Pets are one of the primary ways ticks are carried into Chandler homes. But you can make it more difficult for ticks to do this if you know a few simple tricks.

Tick-Control Products
A tick and flea collar is a good first step. These don’t provide complete protection, but they’re good to have. Ask your vet if a collar is right for your pet.

Your vet can recommend other products besides collars.

Wildlife Control
Apply fencing to keep animals from finding harborage in your yard.

Use fencing to protect any food sources.

Keep bagged trash in covered containers that cannot be knocked over by animals.

Move bird feeders away from your exterior.

Tick Checks
Check your pet’s ears and between the toes. These are common places where ticks attach.

Feel your pet’s skin as you pet them. If you detect bumps, use a comb to part the hair and take a look.

Use a tick-removal tool or needle-nose tweezers to remove ticks. This can help prevent illness. Be sure to pinch the tick near the head, and not on the body.

Limit Exposure
When you take your dog for a walk outside, avoid tall grass and wooded areas if possible. These are most likely to have ticks.

Construct a fenced-in area for your dogs to play in. This keeps wildlife traffic out of this area and prevents your dog(s) from exploring your property and accidentally picking up ticks.

2. Rodent Control
Ticks don’t explore your walls looking for a way inside, but mice and rats do. And one itty bitty mouse can have a hundred seed ticks on it. Here are some ways you can deter rodents and prevent them from carrying ticks into your home.

Reduce Exterior Attractants
There are many things that can attract rodents to your property. Some may surprise you.

Rodents get into trash and feed on organic matter. They’re also attracted to the scent of trash. Be sure to keep your receptacles free of strong odors.

Mice and rats prefer an exterior with lots of hiding places. Remove as much clutter from your yard as possible.

If you feed your pets outside, put food down only during the day and only during mealtimes.

Urban rodents can take to eating domesticated dog feces. It is unsavory but true. Keep droppings picked up to reduce this attractant.

Seal Entry Points
Replace weatherstripping and doorsweeps that are being chewed on by rodents or that offer small gaps rodents can squeeze through. A mouse needs a hole the size of a dime and a rat needs a hole the size of a quarter.

Seal gaps around foundation penetrations such as water mains and wire conduits.

Fix cracks in your foundation.

Bolster vulnerable areas with metal flashing.

Remove Interior Food Sources
When rodents get into your home, they will go straight for the food. Mice and rats have to eat frequently. If you remove food options and protect your stored foods, you might be able to drive rodents out of your home naturally.

Transfer foods from cardboard or plastic packing to sealed containers.

Keep your kitchen clean.

Wipe down food shelves and cabinets.

Clean dishes as you dirty them. If this isn’t possible, place the dishes in a sink full of soapy water.

Deep clean around appliances.

Be sure to clean under your couch cushions and in other places food particles can be left.

3. Perimeter Control
When ticks are dropped in your yard, they’ll gravitate to moist areas. In these areas, they wait for your dog or cat to pick them up. If you address moisture issues, you can limit ticks in their ability to establish themselves near your home.

Repair gutter breaks and clogs.

Repair plumbing issues.

Put sprinklers on a timer.

Trim vegetation to allow the air to keep things dry.

Water your plants in the early morning.

For the best perimeter protection, we recommend perimeter pest control. The products used by a licensed pest professional will disrupt the development process of simple organisms like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. This prevents them from being able to grow into adults.

Perimeter Control In Chandler
If you’d like to establish a protected perimeter, we’d love to help you. Reach out to Green Home Pest Control and ask us about our residential pest control services. We can customize a plan to meet your specific needs and lifestyle. Connect with us today.

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