More and more Phoenix residents are turning to essential oils and natural scents in an attempt to keep a variety of insects away. It has become common knowledge that there are certain scents that insects don’t like. As an example, lemon is a scent mosquitoes detest. Are bed bugs driven away by certain smells? Yes. But probably not in the way you might think. Today, we’re going to discuss natural pest control for bed bugs and take a look at what essential oils kill bed bugs. If you need immediate assistance with a bed bug infestation in Phoenix, you can reach out to us through our contact page.

How Essential Oils Deter Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests that often get picked up during vacations and other trips away from home. Some smart travelers have learned that using a lavender spray can prevent bed bugs from getting into their luggage. This is an effective use of essential oils. You can also achieve the same effects by putting your luggage inside plastic bags.

The Downside To Essential Oils
While essential oils can help you deter bed bugs from coming home with you, they’re not the best way to prevent bed bug bites or to keep bed bugs out of your home.

Are bed bugs going to leave you alone if you spray yourself with essential oils? The problem with essential oils is that they lose strength during the night. Unless you’re prepared to get up in the middle of the night and spray your skin with lavender again, you’re not going to keep bed bugs from biting you. A hungry bed bug will bite you in the early morning after the smell has weakened.

Are bed bugs going to leave your home if you spray everything with essential oils? No. They’ll just hide. These are not outdoor insects. They live almost exclusively indoors. They will put up with the smell and push through the stink to get blood meals and survive.

Natural Pest Control For Bed Bugs
Okay. Essential oils have a limited ability to deter bed bugs. So, are they useless for bed bug control? Not entirely. There is currently a push toward using naturally derived products to exterminate bed bugs. What essential oils kill bed bugs? After much testing, there are three that far surpass all the others. They are blood orange, silicone, and paraffin oil. But while these essential oils show some promise, they’re not quite ready for prime time. The levels required to exterminate bed bugs are currently too strong for humans to tolerate. For now, pest control providers are watching and waiting.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs
The tried-and-true methods for bed bug control are more about the process and less about the products. What do we mean? While essential oils aren’t ready for deployment, there are many other natural bed bug control services that are. As an example, at Green Home Pest Control, we often use heat to exterminate bed bugs. This is an effective, all-natural solution when performed by a trained professional. We may also suggest mattress replacement. There are specialty mattresses that are resistant to bed bugs. These can keep bed bugs from getting into this sensitive zone. But, the most important reason to choose Green Home Pest Control is not what we use. It is our process.

Quality inspections with trained canine inspectors. One reason bed bug treatments fail is that bed bugs aren’t properly located. Our canine inspectors find bed bugs so that we can zero in on areas that need to be treated.
A selection of appropriate synthetic products and dusts to stop the cycle of infestation, and an application of these products that adheres to strict safety guidelines. Bed bugs hide in places that are tough to treat, like wall voids.
These products are the best way to control bed bugs when they’re hiding in these tough places.
A proper deployment of heating units, sensors, and fans to raise the temperature to a level that will exterminate bed bugs is done in a way that prevents bed bugs from finding cold spots and evading the treatment.
Follow-up and evaluation to ensure that no bed bugs remain in your Phoenix property.
A 90-Day Warranty. This is our promise to you that your bed bug problem will be addressed to your satisfaction.
How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Phoenix
Hopefully, we’ve made the case that if you live in Phoenix or the surrounding area, the best way to arrest a bed bug infestation is to reach out to Green Home Pest Control for bed bug control services. The process we use is field-tested. We’ve had a lot of success getting control of bed bugs and we have many happy customers to prove it. If you’re dealing with bed bugs, connect with us today.

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