Obnoxious doesn’t begin to describe mosquitoes. They come out right about the same time you are getting off work and are ready to relax. Sitting on your deck would be a lot more pleasant if you weren’t slapping away the mosquitoes. luckily, Green Home Pest Control offers and has all the expertise and tools to deal with pesky mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes Common To Southern Arizona

There are . Most of them are just little bloodsuckers searching for their next meal, but there is a handful that spread some nasty diseases. These are the ones we need to worry about, not just because they are a nuisance, but because .

  • Western encephalitis mosquito
  • Southern house mosquito
  • Yellow fever mosquito
  • Western malaria mosquito
  • Inland floodwater mosquito
  • Asian tiger mosquito

Did you know that 700,000 people worldwide die annually from mosquito-borne diseases? Mosquitoes kill more living things than any other species on the planet, and in the Southwest region of the U.S., we have five of the worst offenders.

Can You Use Essential Oils to Repel Mosquitoes?

Many people swear by the natural method of essential , but do they work? The answer is sometimes and kinda-sorta. Many companies produce very high-quality organic oils, some of which can even be ingested. Each company has its blends of mosquito repellent that can be sprayed or applied with a rollerball onto the skin. If you are a savvy essential oil enthusiast, you can even make your own blends at home.

Every human being has a unique chemical makeup and will react and respond differently to oils. While some people have great results, others do not and are left wondering what all the hype is about? But this can be said about so many things in life. Do you like salty, or sweet? Dry rub, or saucy BBQ? Do you tolerate the heat, or do you prefer the cold? , maybe you’ll be one of the few it works for.

Which Essential Oils Have The Best Results?

A quick internet search will bring up pages of essential oil mosquito repellants. Each one is a little different in use and application. You can use these natural ingredients in oil form or their natural form.

  • Thyme – This can be used topically, or fresh thyme can be burned in the campfire.
  • Citronella – A mix of herbs that can be used in many ways. The formula must be just right.
  • Lemon/Eucalyptus – Has been used since the 1940s, and is well known as a repellent.
  • Cinnamon -This oil has been reported to repel adult mosquitoes, and kill their eggs
  • Lavender – Acts a repellant, and has antiseptic qualities.

Essential oils should never be put on the skin directly. They are always diluted in a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil. They are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, so only buy high-quality reputable brands.

Getting Help from A Professional

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to mosquito protection in Chandler. Use the essential oils if they work for you when you are out and about, but when you are at home, extra layers of protection are prudent. We are always less vigilant at home, not thinking about mosquitos slipping in when the groceries are being unloaded. The folks at Green Home Pest Control have the solution to your mosquito problems. We are proud to offer In2Care mosquito trap system, a wonderful eco-friendly product. Call today for a free inspection, and to learn more about our .

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