Crickets are abundant in Chandler. Most of the time, we don’t give them much thought. But, what should you do if you start to see a lot of them in your yard, or you start to find crickets in your house? Let’s take a look at some of the ways crickets can be a problem, how they get into homes, five prevention tips to keep crickets out, and how Chandler pest control might be the right option to get rid of crickets in your house.

Why Are The Crickets So Loud?
Female crickets make a chirping noise to attract a mate. You can have several crickets chirping in your yard and the sound can be quite pleasant.

So, why do crickets in your house sound so loud? Outside, the sound of crickets chirping is dampened by grass, leaves, and other vegetation. In your home, the sound waves bounce off hard surfaces. This can make the chirping of a single cricket loud and annoying.

Do You Need Pest Control For A Cricket Problem?
It is possible for crickets to live in your home permanently. If they don’t have a reason to go back outside, you might have to listen to cricket sounds at night until you correct the problem.

This is a pretty good reason to get a pest control treatment. But, cricket sounds at night are not the most important reason to address cricket problems. Crickets are food for other pests, such as scorpions and spiders. They can also damage fabrics, upholstered furniture, and store food items.

How Do Crickets Get Inside Homes?
These insects get into homes in the same way other insects do; they can come right in through an open door or find a small entry point in your exterior. Here are a few common trouble spots to check:

Utilities can have gaps around them. Use a caulking gun to fill these in and keep crickets out.

Exterior doors can have gaps. Replace weatherstripping, door sweeps, frames, or screens to keep crickets out.

The seal on a garage door can have gaps that let crickets inside. Once they get in the garage, holes around light fixtures, garage door opening, and light switches that have no covers can give them access to wall voids.

Five Cricket Prevention Tips For Residents
It can be difficult to keep crickets out of your home. Use these prevention tips in conjunction with sealing entry points to keep crickets out:

1. Light attracts crickets. If you have lots of exterior lights, you’re likely to have visits from crickets. You can prevent this by replacing bulbs that cast white light with bulbs that cast yellow light. Crickets can’t see yellow light.

2. When garbage doesn’t go to the curb, your receptacle can start to attract crickets into your yard. Crickets are drawn to the scent of garbage. Keep your trash receptacles clean, and make sure the covers are secure.

3. If you have compost, make sure to mix it properly, or put it well away from your exterior walls. The scent of compost attracts crickets and they will feed on the rotting organic material.

4. When your gutters aren’t doing their job, they allow your perimeter to become saturated. Crickets have a preference for damp habitats and feed on bugs in areas that are moist. Remove clogs from your gutters and repair any damage to reduce pest activity.

5. Cut your grass, trim your landscaping, and remove unnecessary vegetation from your yard. Blow leaves out of your landscaping and rake them away from your exterior. Pick sticks and scrap wood up from your yard. All of these provide a habitat for crickets.

The Best Way To Prevent Cricket Infestations
All it takes is one little cricket to drive you up a wall. The best way we know of to get rid of crickets in your house is to hire a licensed residential pest control professional. Crickets get into hard-to-reach places. A professional will use a mixture of control products and treat your home for crickets. A professional can also provide control for crickets around your home so that they don’t get inside. Every home can benefit from a year-round pest control program.

If you live in Chandler, let Green Home Pest Control help you reduce pests around your exterior and prevent pest infestations in your home. It is a bug-eat-bug world out there, and crickets are the least of your problems. At Green Home Pest Control, we help Chandler residents find the right combination of services to address the pests in their yards. We can help you find the right plan for your specific needs and budget. Reach out to us today to meet with one of our friendly and knowledgeable pest professionals and get your pest protection in place.

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