Despite their name, Silverfish (Lepisma sacchrina) are not aquatic creatures. They are a with a thin body that rarely exceeds one inch in length, and they have six legs. They have a silver or bluish color that appears metallic, and they move in a “fish-like” manner. Silverfish are largely nocturnal insects that feed exclusively on sugars and carbohydrates. Often, these pests are found in landscaping near the exterior of homes, and can easily pass-through small openings to move inside. The presence of silverfish inside a home may be a sign of some type of water damage. You can by checking for yellow stains and trails of tiny black waste particles

Are Silverfish Potentially Dangerous?

Silverfish are not known to pose any significant risk to human health. They do not bite or sting, and are unlikely to spread any diseases. Once indoors, they prefer dark areas with moisture and commonly reside in basements, utility or laundry rooms, pantries, and bathrooms. by consuming paper, glue, and other household items composed of cotton, linen, or silk.

The Importance Of Preventing Moisture

Limiting sources of water is critical to reducing the likelihood of finding silverfish , as it is necessary for their survival. Be careful not to excessively water areas of exterior landscaping located next to your home, and fix any leaking spigots or garden hoses. Repair any leaking indoor plumbing, promptly ventilate any areas with moisture accumulation, and use a dehumidifier if necessary.

Other Best Practices For Preventing Silverfish Invasions

Closely inspect the exterior of the home’s foundation or slabs near the crawlspace for any cracks or holes that have developed, and fill them using a durable caulk or weather-resistant sealant.

Check for any openings that exist around the seals of windows and doors. Consider applying weather-stripping when needed, and installing sweeps along the lower parts of exterior doors.

Remove unnecessary debris and clutter from the area adjacent to the home, including firewood storage and gardening supplies and tools.

Relocate exterior trash cans and recycle bins to a location away from the home.

Use a vacuum to regularly clean small nooks, voids in baseboards, or other potential hiding spots.

Avoiding Do-It-Yourself Home Remedies

Scottsdale homeowners should avoid considering store-bought pest treatment products that tend to exaggerate their capabilities of quickly eliminating intrusions by termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and others. In many cases, these pests temporarily relocate to another area of the home.

Keep in mind that many retail treatment options may contain potentially harmful chemicals that could create safety concerns for you, your family, and pets. The best course of action is to speak with a professional exterminator that has the knowledge and equipment to , and prevent them from returning.

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