Bed bugs are a serious issue for . Unfortunately, most people don’t handle an infestation the right way. They try to take matters into their own hands, and it ends up causing more harm than good. Find out why you should only trust a professional with your bed bug infestation.

The Trouble With Chandler Bed Bugs

Like most pests, pose quite a threat. These pests are tiny, usually only growing to the size of an apple seed. But their small size can be misleading. Bed bugs feed on human blood and leave behind itchy welts.

When bed bugs invade homes and businesses, they feed on the residents until they’re full. These pests also reproduce at a rapid rate, which means they feed almost continuously. Although bed bugs aren’t known to spread diseases, they do often cause insomnia. Just try sleeping when you have bugs biting away at your exposed skin.

If you have bed bugs around, no one will be comfortable. The issue will worsen until your property is completely infested. In the event of a significant infestation, there’s a risk of anemia. Don’t take the risk of living with bed bugs. Instead, call a professional to handle your infestation.

Don’t Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Bed Bugs

What should you do ? It’s better to ask yourself this question – What shouldn’t you do? If you have bed bugs, you probably want to use the cheapest and easiest solution available. You might think that this means using a DIY method of bed bug removal.

A quick internet search will probably turn up ten different ways in which you can get rid of bed bugs. However, the sad fact is that none of these methods will get rid of bed bugs. DIY bed bug removal is ineffective and will cost you more than working with a professional.

For instance, some homeowners try to use essential oils to keep bed bugs away. There’s some truth to using essential oils as a bed bug deterrent, but it won’t eliminate an infestation. Bed bugs don’t like certain scents, but this doesn’t mean that it will kill them or keep them all away from your property.

Others use a baking soda mixture to kill bed bugs. While this might work on a few bed bugs, it won’t eliminate an entire infestation. Bed bugs often hide out in picture frames, furniture, and baseboards. If you don’t have training in , you can’t possibly know how to treat or find all of the bed bugs in your home.

Save Money With A Professional

Why should you waste your time trying to get rid of bed bugs when there’s no way for you to be successful? If you want to get rid of bed bugs on your own, you don’t stand a chance. In the end, it will cost both time and money.

For the best results, you should rely on an expert. Here at Green Home Pest Control, we use an effective method of . Our approach gets rid of every bed bug from your home and ensures that no pests remain. In only a short time, we can make your property a bed bug-free zone.

If you’re ready to evict bed bugs, call us at Green Home Pest Control. Our team has spent years working with Chandler residents to get rid of bed bugs. We use the right tools and techniques to keep these pests away from your home. Contact us now so we can get started.

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