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Are Scorpions in Anthem as Dangerous as They Look?

Scorpions are some of the fiercest-looking creatures in the United States, and most people do their best to steer clear of these menacing arachnids. But just how dangerous are scorpions? There are over 40 species of scorpions in Arizona, and all of them have venom-filled barbed tails to hunt their prey and protect themselves.

However, looks can be deceiving. One of the most dangerous scorpions in Arizona is the small yellow bark scorpion. This species only grows to be a little over two inches in length, but its sting is more powerful than most species. On the other hand, the forbidding-looking giant hairy scorpion looks ferocious at six inches long. These scorpions are so large they are known to hunt small lizards instead of insects, but their sting only causes mild pain in people.