No one wants bed bugs. For many, it is one of their greatest traveling fears – that they will end up at a hotel that has bed bugs, and bring them back home with them. Bed bugs are amazing travelers, which is why the most common way to get bed bugs is to travel, stay at a place that has them, and then take them with you in luggage or on clothes back to .

But traveling is not the only way to get bed bugs, and unfortunately, the become in Arizona, the more likely you are to get them even without traveling.

How Can You Get Bed Bugs Without Traveling?

Bed bugs prefer to live near beds, which is where they can get instant access to food with little risk (since its meals are usually asleep). It is also why they are best known for living in hotels. But bed bugs are not stationary creatures. They have no problem moving to other rooms, and they do not necessarily need to feed on sleeping victims.

This allows bed bugs to spread out on their own. If you have bed bugs on your property, but you did not travel, it’s possible that bed bugs found your property through:

  • Neighbors – Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs have no problems leaving their home and walking to a new location. They are especially likely to seek out new homes if there is an extensive infestation, which is why many apartment complexes now make residents sign paperwork indicating that they are responsible for any damages from delaying bed bug treatments.
  • Public Areas – While bed bugs prefer to feed on sleeping victims, they are still more than willing to feed on awake victims. That means that bed bugs can live in offices, or in movie theaters, or anywhere that they can get access to sitting food. It’s possible that you came into contact with bed bugs in one of these locations.
  • Other Homes and People – Just because you do not travel doesn’t mean that you may not be exposed to bed bugs from visiting someone else’s home, or having someone with visit your property.
  • Buying Used Items – Bed bugs are outstanding hiders. If you bought a used item, it’s possible that it had a bed bug hiding on it. This is why it is not generally recommended to buy used mattresses, for example, even if they look clean at inspection.

Bed bugs prefer locations like hotels and motels, which is why the most common way to get bed bugs is by traveling. But they are hardy insects that can make do in other locations as well, which means that even without traveling, it is possible to get bed bugs in your home. For more information on bed bug treatment, please call us today at 480-696-5007.
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