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Trusted Pest Management For Casa Grande, AZ

When you think about big problems on your property, it usually has something to do with nature: too much sun fading your outdoor furniture, too much wind wearing away at the sides of the house, etc. However, if you’re not worried about the pests that invade Casa Grande homes and businesses, then you could find yourself in big trouble before you realize it. Fortunately, Green Home Pest Control is here to help.

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Residential Pest Control In Casa Grande, AZ

As a Casa Grande homeowner, you understand the importance of keeping up with your home maintenance and home security. However, pests such as insects and rodents are a direct threat to this goal.

Many local insects and rodents, like roaches and rats, will bring dangerous bacteria into your home, possibly causing diseases like salmonella, E.coli, and more. Plus, other home invaders such as termites, carpenter ants, and mice can cause a lot of damage that can lead to costly repair bills.
Trying to deal with infestations on a case-by-case basis will almost always lead to inconsistent results and an overwhelming feeling of constantly being behind the eight-ball. Instead of trying to play catch-up with your pest problems, why not get out in front of them by trusting the pros?

Green Home Pest Control has professional solutions and years of pest prevention experience to guarantee a pest-free environment in your home. Plus, we have customizable residential pest control plans to meet your budget and specific property needs. Reach out to Green Home Pest Control today to get started in living in a pest-free home.

Commercial Pest Control In Casa Grande, AZ

As an Arizona business owner, you work hard to keep your business successful. That’s what it takes, but it also requires the right help in your corner. If you’re not utilizing professional pest prevention strategies at your facility, you could be opening yourself up to a variety of risks, from failed health inspections to a damaged reputation in the community. The problem is that pests love invading all sorts of businesses. No matter what kind of business you’re running, you probably have plenty of inventory lying around for them to hide in, some sort of food source they may be able to get into, and plenty of low-traffic areas where they can avoid human interaction.

If your business is an ideal home for pests, and just one pest sighting could ruin your reputation, professional commercial pest control is the only guaranteed method of protecting your business. For the assurance you need to keep your business running without a hitch, call Green Home Pest Control before it’s too late. Our preventative solutions will not only keep your business pest-free but we also have technicians available to get out to your facility quickly in the event of a surprise pest problem. Reach out to Green Home Pest Control today to get started on having a pest-free business!

Problems Pigeons Cause In Casa Grande, AZ

Some refer to pigeons as flying rats because of all the issues these birds can bring to a property. These grey birds that measure about a foot long at the most are known disease carriers. If you have pigeons hanging around your home or business, you, your family, and your customers are at a higher risk of incurring diseases such as cryptococcosis, salmonella, food poisoning, and many others. Even their feces can be a danger. Pigeon droppings can be very slippery, creating fall risks for anyone stepping on them in high traffic areas, and these droppings also accelerate the degeneration of most structures.

There may be a few ways to combat pigeons on your own, such as fake snakes or decoy birds, but these may only be effective for a few days. For the best form of pigeon control, call Green Home Pest Control. Our pest technicians understand these birds and the best ways to get rid of them. Our expert pigeon control services will make sure that pigeons won’t be a recurring problem.

Top Five Bed Bug Warning Signs To Look For In Casa Grande, AZ

Bed bugs are world-traveling hitchhikers that ride into homes on a variety of items like luggage and used furniture. They’re small and incredibly slow-moving, so they wait until you’re asleep to feed on your blood. That’s why you’ll rarely see actual bed bugs in the event of an infestation. But there are plenty of signs you might notice.

  1. Itchy, red bumps on your skin
  2. Rust-colored excrement from droppings
  3. Bloodstains left behind from feeding
  4. Musty odors
  5. Shed skin fibers

If you do witness these signs, don’t try to get rid of a bed bug infestation yourself. Home remedies and store-bought sprays almost always allow the bed bugs hiding just out of sight to resurface later and begin the nightly attacks once again. To avoid the health conditions that accompany a prolonged bed bug infestation, call Green Home Pest Control. Our professional bed bug treatments are guaranteed to get rid of these nightly nuisances. Reach out to us today with questions or to schedule service.

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