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Why Scorpions Invade Chandler Properties

There are many different types of scorpions here in Arizona, but it’s not fun to find any of them on our Chandler properties. The first step to preventing scorpions from invading is to understand what is driving them to your home in the first place.

Below are some of the reasons why you might have a scorpion infestation:

  • Shelter: Scorpions invade homes because they are looking for easy shelter. Your home or business (garages especially) usually provide the exact environment that all types of scorpions are looking for to hide safely.
  • Insects: If there are other insects already in your home, you are more likely to find scorpions invading as well because the insects are an easy meal for them, and they don’t have to travel far from their hiding spots to hunt.
  • Water: Easy access to water is another reason scorpions like your home or business. If there is a buildup of moisture in the air, or you have leaky pipes and fixtures, you’ll find more than just scorpions setting up shop.

If you are concerned about your property’s susceptibility to scorpion invasions, contact the Green Home Pest Control experts today!