If you spend any time outdoors, you’re no stranger to ticks. Unfortunately, these parasites could be anywhere in nature, including in your backyard. Learn how to protect yourself and your property with this guide to .

What Ticks Live In Chandler?

There are three types of . First, there’s the brown dog tick. As the name implies, the brown dog tick often feeds on dogs. At times, they choose a human as their host and source of food. But unlike some other ticks, this one isn’t much of a danger to humans. It’s mostly a nuisance pest that only poses a health risk to your pets. Secondly, there’s the American dog tick. In addition to being annoying, these ticks are also dangerous. They feed on dogs and humans and are known to spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If you’re infected, you could become very ill. These ticks like to hide in armpits, so most people don’t find them until the tick latches on. Finally, there’s the soft-bodied tick. This highly dangerous tick can spread tick-borne relapsing fever as well as bacteria. Although they look different from hard-bodied ticks, these parasites are just as dangerous.

How Do Ticks Get Onto Your Property?

If you don’t want to have a tick problem, you need to understand their behavior. Unlike many , ticks don’t rely on their legs to get them places. While they can walk, ticks prefer to hitchhike. They dig into the skin of a host and feed. When they get full, ticks drop off and wait for a new host to come by. If you have ticks on your property, they probably came from another animal. Your pets could bring ticks into your yard, or a mouse might carry one into your home. In nature, you can expect to find ticks in tall grass or thick vegetation.

Keeping Ticks Away

Fortunately, there are some ways in which you can . Perhaps the most important thing you can do is make your property less appealing to other wildlife pests. By keeping squirrels and other rodents out, you can protect your property. This means maintaining your yard. Tall grass, unkempt shrubs, and piles of debris will attract pests. Whether you do the work yourself or hire someone to do it, yard maintenance is essential. Stick to a regular schedule and don’t let your yard get out of control.

Use Tick Control Products On Your Pets

If you have pets, consider using a tick control product. The best way to go about this is to consult with your veterinarian. While you can find tick control products online, they’re not always effective or safe. A veterinarian can tell you more about your options and guide you in the right direction.

Check Yourself For Ticks

If you go for a hike, you could bring home a tick with you. Even if the tick isn’t embedded in your skin, it could be on your clothing. Eventually, that tick could use you or someone else in your home as their new host. After you spend time outside, check yourself for ticks. Remove your clothing and check for hitchhikers before you go inside.

Call In The Experts

On your own, you can only do so much to . Most DIY methods of tick control aren’t 100% foolproof solutions, and this puts you at risk. The safest and is to rely on pest control experts. Here at Green Home Pest Control, you can count on us for advice or assistance. Call us today and learn more.

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