There is nothing that will ruin a person’s time outdoors faster than spotting a scorpion. These area arachnids are known for their painful stings and aggressive presence. If you notice a and you want to know how to get rid of it, here are some things to consider today. To deal with an active infestation of these pests, call us at Green Home Pest Control. Let us assess your issue and offer a solution to give scorpions the boot, fast.

What Sounds Do Scorpions In Chandler Make?

There are many insects and arachnids that make sounds. Scorpions are no different. Some of these stinger-tailed invaders produce a hissing sound by rubbing their first two pairs of legs together. This noise is rather quiet and isn’t a great way to identify these pests indoors. For this, you will have to know where scorpions live and other that might be present around your property. If you become an expert in identifying these things, you will have no trouble identifying these pests.

How To Find Scorpion Nests

Have you ever wondered: where do scorpions live? Turns out these pests have a thing for hiding. Despite their terrifying appearance, these scary-looking arachnids do a lot to stay out of sight. Around properties, scorpions nest inside holes, under rocks, and in other secluded locations. When these locations are disturbed, they look for new areas to live in. This is a big reason why scorpions invade homes here in Chandler. If your neighbor is adding a deck onto their home or a new house is being built in your neighborhood, know that scorpion nests will be disturbed and that these pests will be pushed into nearby homes. If you don’t want scorpions coming indoors, you have to put in place some form of prevention to keep them away. Here are a few basic tips we recommend.

  • Seal gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure all of your windows and doors are in good condition.
  • Repair damage to weatherstripping.
  • Fix damaged screens.
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.

For more help keeping scorpions away, consider investing in professional pest control courtesy of Green Home Pest Control.

How To Tell If You Have Scorpions On Your Property

Scorpions are a lot like spiders, except they are harder to identify. These pests may find shelter inside your home or around your property, but they will not leave any clear signs that they are around. One clever way to identify scorpions is to use a black light at night. Certain species glow blue under ultra-violet light. Besides this clever trick, the best way to identify scorpions is by hiring a professional to do a thorough inspection. We know where to look and how to safely identify these potentially harmful arachnids. Schedule an appointment by getting in touch with our qualified team today.

Professional Scorpion Control Made Simple In Chandler

For comprehensive , get the experts at Green Home Pest Control involved. We are experts in our field and know how to deal with any annoying, dangerous, or destructive pests that are causing you trouble. To get rid of scorpions, we will inspect your home, identify existing problems, and implement advanced pest control solutions to get these pests out.

Contact us now if you have questions about scorpion control. We will talk you through your options, answer any questions you have, and show you why so many homeowners trust us with their needs.

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