Pigeon bird control is a must when pest birds are flocking on and around the home. Roosting pigeons cause many problems. Have questions about bird control methods? Contact Green Home Pest Control for . Our qualified technicians can correctly address pigeon issues and take pest control bird removal seriously.

The 411 On Pigeons In Chandler, Arizona

Bird control is often necessary when dealing with these pesky birds, but learning more about this species can be helpful. ? Also known as a rock dove, this bird can be found in various colors, although gray is generally the most common body color. Pigeons tend to have iridescent green flecks on the neck, dark pink feet, and some black markings on feathers.

The pigeon is seen so often that many people may not pay it any mind at all. Some folks may even believe these pest birds are harmless, but that is not the case.

Issues With Pigeons: Why Bird Pest Control Is Needed

By looking at a single pigeon, a homeowner may not know that this little creature can cause many problems. Bird control methods can help , which is good because, left unchecked, these birds can be much more than just a nuisance

Even though pigeons are constant self-groomers, they are known as rats with wings by many folks who regard them as dirty birds. Droppings from a sizeable flock of pigeons can be pretty gross, cause pedestrians to slip and fall, lead to histoplasmosis, and damage property.

These birds can also pose significant health hazards. Psittacosis, salmonellosis, and toxoplasmosis are some of the risks pigeons pose to humans when they roost on properties. Professional bird control may be the best plan when pigeons do not leave on their own.

Pest control bird removal can be the easiest, most comprehensive way to get pigeons off properties, but what about preventing them in the first place? If these birds are not a problem, Chandler homeowners can employ methods, so pigeons continue to pass by their properties; such approaches to could do the trick.

  • Ditch Food And Water: Don’t feed these wild birds or allow them to bully songbirds off birdfeeders. Remove feeders from the property and clean up thoroughly after people or pets that eat outside. Keep trash in a secure receptacle. Dump out any birdbaths or standing water that has collected.
  • Install Aids: Various bird pest control devices may work. Consider rotating these aids out so pigeons won’t grow accustomed to deterrents and act as if they don’t exist. Using reflective tape, discs, and even recycled compact discs may dissuade pigeons from roosting on rooftops. Decoys of predatory birds or owls, especially those that move, may also repel pigeons for some time.
  • Use Spikes: Anything homeowners can use to make the house uncomfortable as a place to perch can be helpful. Placing pigeon spikes along areas where these pest birds may want to hang out can deter them from landing and making themselves at home.

Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Birds?

If pigeons are becoming a problem in Arizona, the best course of action is to contact pest bird experts at Green Home Pest Control promptly. We understand the intricate nature of pigeon bird control and make every effort to use our knowledge and resources to . Our helpful associates know every home is different and customize each approach to get results.

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