It’s easy to assume that pests, especially parasites like bed bugs, won’t ever invade your home. You keep it clean, after all, and you take care to properly maintain your property. But even still, certain pests are simply attracted by human behavior, so anyone can fall victim to an infestation. That’s why it’s important for to learn how bed bug problems start and how you can stay a step ahead.

Bed Bugs Can Happen To Anyone

Because of their well-known habit of nesting inside mattresses, people figure that bed bugs must only infest properties that don’t take good care of their linens or regularly inspect their mattresses. But the truth is that bed bugs can infest a wide range of common household items and areas — pretty much anywhere there is fabric or upholstery for them to cling to. That means carpets, furniture, and even clothes can be sites of an infestation. To make matters worse, . They cling to people’s clothing and belongings to catch a ride to new territories for them to nest in, which is how unsuspecting people come into contact with bed bugs without even knowing it. Even if you keep a clean home, coming into contact with people or items that bed bugs cling to can expose you to them.

Spotting Bed Bug Hotspots

Because bed bugs are hitchhiking pests, there tend to be certain public spaces and businesses that act as hotspots for their populations. There are certain spaces where it’s especially important to be on the lookout for tiny, brown bed bugs or their off-white eggs. Here are :

  • Hotels : As places where mattresses and linens are in every room, lodging properties of any kind can act as magnets for bed bugs.
  • Hospitals : Another place with bedding, linens, and plenty of people around to feed on, hospitals must be constantly on the lookout for signs of bed bugs.
  • Schools : As the first place that children and their families go every morning after they wake up, schools act as hotspots for bed bugs transferring from one house to another.

Spotting Infested Items

The other major way in which is through contaminated items like used furniture or poorly stored items bought from a retailer. That’s why you should always thoroughly inspect the following items, and their packaging, for signs of bed bugs or contamination:

  • Furniture : Used furniture is one of the main sources of contamination that people introduce to their homes. Thoroughly inspect an item for signs of bugs, skin sheds, or eggs before buying.
  • Clothing : Used clothing is another way for bed bugs to be brought into new homes. Check your purchases thoroughly and avoid stores that keep clothing in bins or heaps.
  • Packages : Packages that have sat in a warehouse for days or weeks before being shipped, even if the item contained within isn’t made of fabric cushioning, can be temporary homes for bed bugs.

True Protection Comes From Expert Pest Control

With so many ways for these tiny pests to make it into your home, bed bugs are some of the most difficult to prevent critters out there. With their habit of biting us in our sleep, no one wants a bed bug infestation in their home. The best form of protection comes from the experts at Green Home Pest Control. Whether you need an inspection of your home for peace of mind that an infestation isn’t forming or , we’re here to help. Don’t wait for biting bed bugs to become an itchy nuisance before you consider them a real threat, contact Green Home Pest Control today to learn how to get started on .

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