Some pests seem rare until they happen to you, then you realize just how common they can be. Bed bugs are a perfect example of a pest most people don’t take seriously, leading to extensive infestations that are difficult to address.

The threat bed bugs pose is a good example of why proper pest control and education can save you from having to deal with an invasion in your home. At Green Home Pest Control, we offer that truly protects you from bed bugs and quickly eliminates pests that manage to invade.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs can be difficult to identify because they are difficult to spot in the first place. They are small, flat, oval bugs, about ¼ of an inch long and mahogany in color, that tend to be most active when we’re asleep. After feeding, they become more rounded, elongated, and darker.These bugs are good at hiding, even in places around your home that you wouldn’t think of.

That’s why it’s less critical for you to know what bed bugs look like and more important for you to know what their infestations lead to and why you should contact the pros right away. Turn to Green Home Pest Control to get , including inspections of your home that lead to proper pest identification.

How Worried Should I Be About Bed Bugs In My Home?

Bed bugs are parasitic pests, meaning they feed on people and survive on the nutrients found in our blood. This leads to bed bug bites, which appear as itchy red welts on your skin. Not only are these uncomfortable, but the skin irritation and stress that comes from knowing you have a pest infestation can also lead to health problems like insomnia.

DIY methods won’t eliminate the entire problem, and leaving even one single bed bug egg unaccounted for can allow the problem to just grow right back. At Green Home Pest Control, we even offer same-day and emergency services to quickly clamp down on bed bugs.

Instead of trying to deal with bed bugs yourself, turn to Green Home Pest Control to get bed bug pest control near you that quickly removes the problem so it doesn’t lead to a more severe infestation.

Why Are There Bed Bugs In My House?

Most people are so concerned with avoiding that they don’t consider what causes bed bugs in the first place. Given that they feed on people, bed bugs can truly be attracted to any home. But they don’t tend to invade the same way other pests do.

Instead, you should be paying attention to these factors that tend to lead to :

  • Hot spots: Bed bugs are hitchhikers. Instead of transporting themselves around, they cling to hair, skin, clothing, or other items while they get carried from one location to the next. This is how certain commercial properties, like bus stations and airports or hotels and motels, become hot spots for bed bug activity.
  • Traveling: Because traveling provides more chances for us to interact with bed bugs without realizing it, you need to take extra care by doing things like inspecting your bed at hotels and not leaving your luggage on the floor, where bugs can easily crawl inside.
  • Used items: Due to their hitchhiking ways, bed bugs can also be introduced to homes through used items, like clothing or furniture.

Pest control professionals can provide you with even more tips for how to avoid infestations and address your risks, so contact Green Home Pest Control today to learn more.

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My House?

Most homeowners don’t know all the places to check for bed bugs or bed bug eggs. Despite what their name may make you assume, bed bugs aren’t just found in mattresses or bedrooms. They can really inhabit a range of common household areas.

This is why professional bed bug treatments are the only guaranteed way to fully address a bed bug problem. If you notice bed bugs or signs of their activity, contact the experts right away by calling Green Home Pest Control to learn more about our residential and .

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