Cockroaches are dark brown winged insects that usually live outside. There they feed on dead or dying plants and animals. Inside, they are major pests. Cockroaches can carry diseases such as salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, and E. coli infection. They can worsen allergies and asthma, especially in children. Cockroaches can contaminate food and food preparation surfaces and utensils. These are not creatures you want in your house in Phoenix, but it can be difficult to keep them out.

Species Of Cockroaches In Phoenix

Arizona is home to seven species of cockroaches. The small species, German, Asian, and brown-banded cockroaches, are seldom more than 5/8th of an inch long as adults. The larger species, American, Australian, brown, and smoky brown cockroaches, are 1 ¼ to 2 inches long as adults. Most cockroaches glide or flutter rather than really fly, but the Asian cockroach flies. It is attracted to porch lights and finds its way inside from there.

Cockroach Fun Facts

Cockroaches are very resilient creatures. They can live without food for a month and without water for a week. They can survive underwater for thirty minutes. Cockroaches spend 75% of their time resting. Finally, cockroaches can withstand ten times the amount of radiation a human can, but they can’t survive a nuclear explosion. That said, they are hard to kill.

How Cockroaches Get Inside

Cockroaches can get through a crack that is only 1/4th as high as their body by flattening themselves and turning their feet sideways. They can also enter the openings for pipes, electrical wires, and cables. If your window screen has a hole in it, they can enter that way, too. Cockroaches may hitchhike in on food and plants. Because cockroaches are nocturnal, you may not see them. Once inside, they are hard to get rid of.

Lifecycle of Cockroaches

A cockroach breeds prolifically. They lay their eggs in a leathery case, stick it to something sheltered, and won’t be disturbed. The German cockroach female carries her egg case until the eggs hatch. German cockroaches have 30-48 eggs in their case, but other cockroaches only have 10-28 eggs. Once the eggs hatch, they are wingless and must molt several times to reach adulthood. German and brown cockroaches can have several generations a year. The other cockroaches may take a year to go from egg to adult.

Cockroach Control Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Job

When you see a cockroach in your house, it is tempting to buy a bug bomb and set it off in your house. This is a bad idea for several reasons. Cockroaches can pack into cracks so tightly that the bug bomb poison doesn’t reach them. So, you wasted your money. Bug bombs are toxic and have to be used very carefully to avoid poisoning your family and pets. Baits are sold to kill cockroaches. However, they don’t work if you do not put them in the correct places and keep them refilled. This is more hassle, money, and danger than you want to mess with.

Get Professional Help With Green Home Pest Control

Green Home Pest Control can get rid of your cockroach problem safely and economically. We use eco-friendly products that are safe for you and your pets but effective against cockroaches. Our technician will come out to your house and do a thorough inspection. We will then formulate a plan specific to your house and your family, including your pets. Reach out to us today and get rid of your cockroaches for good.


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