Thousands of ants live in a colony and infest homes looking for food. These pests remain underground during the winter but come out in the spring. As a result, you’ll notice more in your home as the weather warms. professionals know when ants are most prevalent and are here to help. Read on to learn why ants invade homes in the spring and how dependable pest control companies can keep them away.

Why Ants Are A Problem Around Tucson In The Spring

When the cold winter months arrive, the body temperature of most ants drops, causing them to become sluggish. As a result, they seal their colonies underground and remain inactive. However, when the weather warms during spring, the ants come back out to find food.

In addition to bringing out from their underground colonies, spring also drives some ants indoors. Due to their small size, rain can cause some ants to drown. To avoid this problem during the rainiest months of the year, they enter houses looking for food. As a result, people deal with larger ant infestations in spring than in any other season.

How Are Ants Getting Inside My Tucson Home?

The tiny size of ants enables them to fit through any holes or gaps in a building. In their attempt to find food for their colony, workers enter homes through openings in your home’s exterior. These might be where wires or pipes enter the house or spaces around doors and windows.

Once inside, ants leave a chemical trail for others to follow. These trails are for the ants in their colony, but other ants can use them to gain entrance into your home as well. Even if you kill the ants in one colony, others might follow the same path, causing future infestations. When ants infest your home, finding out how they’re getting in and sealing those areas will help to avoid a future infestation.

To avoid ants entering your house in the future, you have to get to the colony and seal entry points. Since they can fit through small openings, it can be hard to determine where they’re getting inside. professionals can eliminate all nearby ants and seal entry points into your home, allowing you to avoid another infestation in the future.

Five Ant Prevention Tips Every Tucson Homeowner Should Know

Since thousands of ants live and travel together, getting rid of an infestation is hard. Fortunately, you can avoid this situation by preventing ants from getting into your home in the first place.

The following are five ant prevention tips to keep them from getting into your home:

  1. Wipe up moisture or spills.
  2. Seal gaps in your home’s exterior.
  3. Clean crumbs or spills from surfaces.
  4. Store food in airtight containers.
  5. Remove trash regularly.

These ant prevention tips will help to keep these pests from entering your home, but their small sizes and large numbers make it hard to keep them out forever. Call for professional if these pests get into your house.

Why Professional Ant Control In Tucson Is Worth It

When ants enter your home, they leave a trail so others can follow. Even if you kill the ants or think you can provide , it likely won’t solve the problem. At Green Home Pest Control, our technicians use state-of-the-art techniques to get rid of ants at the source. We also provide bimonthly follow-up visits to ensure your home is protected year-round. Call us today if you have a pest infestation.

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