No one likes to be wrong, but it happens. This is particularly true when the topic involves bed bugs. While the internet is full of information about controlling bed bugs, only some of that information is true. Despite what you think you know about bed bugs, you could be wrong in how to .

Common Myths About Bed Bugs In Scottsdale, AZ

All of the following are common myths about bed bugs. Which of these myths have you fooled?

Bed Bugs Only Live In Filth

Insects like cockroaches go out of their way to find filthy environments. But bed bugs don’t need crumbs or spilled drinks to survive. Instead, all they need is human or animal blood. Whether or not a home is dirty, find it appealing,

Bed bugs can live in clean or dirty environments. For this reason, it’s very difficult to keep these pests from ending up in your home. No matter how frequently you clean, you could have bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Only Live In Beds

Although bed bugs prefer to hide out in sleeping areas, they don’t even need beds to thrive. They sometimes live in couches, baseboards, and other furniture. Whether or not a room has a bed, it could be home to bed bugs.

This is because bed bugs can bite you when you’re awake. As you’re resting in a chair, a parasite could come out and feast on you. Upholstered furniture is a favorite hiding spot for bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Spread Diseases

It’s a myth that bed bugs spread disease, but there is some truth in it. Although there’s no concrete evidence, bed bug infestations often result in health complications. For instance, insomnia is almost always associated with bed bugs. As you itch away the night, you lose valuable sleep.

There’s also a risk of secondary infection. When you scratch a bug bite, you might break the skin and end up introducing bacteria to the wound. If untreated, an infection could become serious. Finally, there’s a chance of you developing anemia. A severe infestation leaves you vulnerable to countless bites. After enough blood loss, you could suffer from anemia.

Bed Bugs Are Invisible To The Naked Eye

While bed bugs aren’t the largest pest in the area, they also aren’t the smallest. You can see bed bugs without using a magnifying glass or microscope. That said, they are relatively small and may go unnoticed. Typically, adult bed bugs are the size of an apple seed. The offspring are smaller and often blend in with their surroundings.

Because of their small size, bed bugs may take over your home before you’re aware of an issue. It’s crucial to know the , or you could have a problem that’s out of control. Common signs of bed bugs include:

  • Bloodstains on your sheets and clothing
  • Bites on your exposed skin
  • Shed bed bug skins
  • Musty smell in your home
  • Dark spots on your mattress or wall

At the first sign of bed bugs, you should call for professional assistance.

You Can Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

When it comes to bed bugs, there’s no DIY (do it yourself) solution. Essential oils, baking soda, and over-the-counter treatments won’t . At best, they might kill off a few of the adults and leave behind eggs and nymphs.

The only way to effectively remove bed bugs from your home is to work with a licensed professional. Here at Green Home Pest Control, our technicians have extensive training in . We use tried and tested techniques to eliminate all the pests from your home. Contact us today at Green Home Pest Control to learn more and get started!

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