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Scorpion Control In Mesa, AZ

Scorpions can feel unavoidable around Mesa. Unfortunately, the environment within your home can make it very inviting to scorpions in the area. If you’re worried about scorpions in your Mesa home, professional scorpion control from Green Home Pest Control is the perfect solution to completely remove these dangerous pests from your home. Read on for more information about Mesa’s scorpions, what draws them to homes in the area, and why professional scorpion control is essential to combat them.

Have Scorpions Invaded My Mesa Home?

Scorpions can be pretty scary, and if you’ve found one in your home, it’s natural to wonder if there are more. Luckily, scorpions are not usually aggressive and will only sting you if startled or threatened. More good news is that most types of scorpions are not venomous enough to be a serious threat to humans, though young children and pets can face more significant reactions. It’s still essential to eliminate them as a sting can cause swelling, pain, and redness.

That being said, it helps to be aware of some of the most potent scorpions in our area so you can be on the lookout:

  • The Arizona bark scorpion: This is one of the most venomous scorpions. It’s light brown or yellowish-tan and usually only grows about three inches long. If you spot one of these critters in your home, contact a professional immediately.
  • The giant desert hairy scorpion: As its name suggests, this scorpion is huge. It can grow to seven inches in length and is one of the largest species of scorpions in North America. Although it’s not as venomous as the Arizona bark scorpion, its sting can still be painful.
  • The striped-tail scorpion: This scorpion is easy to identify because of the two thick, dark stripes that run down its back. It’s usually between four and five inches long and has a less potent venom than other types of scorpions.