When mice or rats invade area properties, they often do so with force. They chew holes through walls, gnaw their way into pantries, and cause other damage to get what they want. The question is, which are harder to deal with, mice or rats? Today we will be talking about these furry pests and helping you address rodent problems you are facing inside your home. For fast and effective services to deal with rodents, call our team at Green Home Pest Control. We will ensure that your infestation is dealt with ASAP.

What Do Mice Like To Eat?

Mice are considered opportunistic omnivores. This means they prefer seeds, nuts, and grains but will eat meats and starches if that is all they can find. What do mice eat inside area homes? These pests will scour living rooms for dropped food, kitchens for leftovers, and pantries for stored food. They will also happily eat pet food, trash, dead animals, and even their own feces. is limited access to these foods. We recommend cleaning up food messes as they occur, washing out your pet’s food and water bowls after every meal, and storing all of your leftovers, pet food, and pantry items inside airtight containers.

Why Are Mice Drawn To My Home?

Mice are among the smallest found here in Phoenix and have many natural predators. One way mice avoid being eaten out in the wild is to find shelter inside area homes. These small rodents might also come indoors during times of inclement weather or when they are hungry and need a meal. Sometimes mice wander into homes by accident. This is often followed by the discovery of tasty food and cozy hiding spots. In other words, mice find out how nice homes are and often decide to stick around after wandering inside. The only thing these pests need is some form of an entry point. Here are a few spots these small rodents might sneak into your home.

  • A crack, gap, or hole in your home’s exterior foundation
  • An open window or door
  • Space beneath one of your exterior doors
  • A gap around a window/door frame
  • An unprotected vent or out spout

We recommend fixing damage around your home’s exterior to reduce your chances of finding mice indoors.

Mice Vs. Rats: Getting Rid Of Rodents In Phoenix

Both rats and mice are controlled in the same ways. The main three methods professionals use to combat these pests are traps, bait, and exclusion. If you are thinking about facing rodents on your own, there are two things you should know. First, traps are not a perfect solution. They may solve a small infestation but will have no effect on a large population of these pests. Second, rodents breed rapidly. If you do not deal with an infestation fast, your home will fill up with unwanted guests.

Professional Rodent Control For Phoenix Homeowners

Now that you know a bit more about the kinds of rodents that invade homes here in Phoenix, let’s talk about how to get and keep these pests out for good. We recommend hiring the experts at Green Home Pest Control. Our team of highly trained technicians knows how to identify rodents and offers detailed to remove rats and mice from your home and property.

Contact us now if you have unanswered questions about wild rodents in Phoenix or if you would like to schedule your home for a service visit. We can answer questions you have about pest control in Phoenix and get you on a road to total pest freedom.

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