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Natural Ways To Keep Mice Away From Your Phoenix Home

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If you find mouse droppings near a foundation wall, or you notice that something is chewing on your exterior door frames, it can make you start wondering if you have a mouse infestation. It can also get your mind thinking about ways to keep mice away. We're pleased to tell you that there are many natural ways to keep mice away. Some of these natural mouse control methods can also work to get rid of mice naturally when they find their way into your home.

Let's look at how natural mouse management works, what natural mice deterrents work best, and take a moment at the end to discuss the role Phoenix pest control plays. As always, if you need immediate assistance with a pest problem, you can hop over to our contact page and reach out to us.

Signs Of Mice In Your Home

Whether or not you've found signs of mouse activity on the outside of your home, it is good to know how to detect mice in your home. House mice can live in your home without making a noise, and without being seen. Effective detection helps to catch mouse problems early and also lets you know if you've gotten rid of all the mice in your home.

  • The best sign of mouse activity is mouse droppings. You can find these in cabinets, the backs of drawers, under and behind appliances, storage rooms, attic spaces, and more. When you find them, clean them up. Be sure to wear a mask and protective clothing when doing this. The act of cleaning mouse droppings resets the environment. If droppings appear in the location again, you'll know that you still have a mouse infestation.

  • Mice chew holes to move from wall voids to kitchens and pantries. These holes can be small and difficult to see because a mouse only needs a hole the size of a dime. Look in low places and check baseboards. If you see a tiny hole, use a caulking gun to seal it up. Check back to see if the caulking material has been removed. This will confirm that you have continued mouse activity in your home.

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The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Mice

Mousetraps are the gold standard for mouse control, and they are at the heart of almost all professional mouse control programs. When deployed properly, they're the fastest way to get rid of mice naturally. Unfortunately, catching mice isn't easy. Professionals use field-tested methods to achieve success.

Without training, the mice in your home are likely to frustrate you. It is also possible to get unwanted results from improper trapping efforts, such as trap-shy mice, causing harm to mice, or causing harm to children and pets. It is best to hire a licensed professional to eliminate mice.

Natural Mouse Prevention Tips For Homes

The best outcome for mice is to give them reasons to be somewhere else. While it is possible for house mice to live in your home for no other reason than to get in out of the elements, it is possible to make your home less than ideal.

  • The best natural mouse deterrent is to remove food options. Mice eat 15 to 20 times a day. While they don't eat that much at each sitting, the frequency they desire to eat causes mice to want to live as close to food as possible. In laboratory studies, mice have been found to go into torpor (a low energy state similar to hibernation) in as little as 6 hours without food. While removing food isn't the fastest way to get rid of mice, it can be very effective as a long-term solution. Plus, you don't have to dispose of dead mice.

  • Another great deterrent that works naturally is exclusion. When you seal potential entry points in the exterior of your home, you can prevent mice from getting inside. Make sure to protect gable vents, weep holes, dryer exhaust, and other openings. Check your exterior doors and replace damaged weatherstripping, frames, or door sweeps. Replace door and window screens. Do routine inspections of your exterior. If you see areas where mice are chewing, use sheet metal to bolster these spots.

  • Mice are adept climbers. You can stop mice from getting up to vulnerable points on your roof by trimming tree branches and putting wire mesh in the downspouts of your gutter system.

Mouse Control In Phoenix

If you have a mouse infestation and you want to eliminate mice in your home, contact Green Home Pest Control. We use industry-leading products and methods to get rid of mice naturally. At Green Home Pest Control, we use science to outsmart mice and achieve long-lasting results. Connect with us today for immediate assistance.    

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