Crickets. Do you ever hear them outside chirping throughout a summer night? Maybe the sound is comforting to you, or it drives you up the wall. But either way, can be a big problem when they invade your property. These pests are destructive and pose some minor health risks, so they aren’t an insect you want creeping around.

There are some pests in the area you might be more aware of, but crickets are surprisingly common. This pest spotlight is here with all the information you need about crickets, including how to keep them away from your home. Keep reading to get started with cricket control.

The Sound That Crickets Make

Some people associate crickets with luck, while others only think of them as annoying pests. But, the main thing people associate with crickets is the sound they make. Not all species of cricket chirp, although many of them do. They create this sound when the male crickets rub the edges of their wings together. This movement is done as a mating call to attract other females, and the process is known as stridulation. While the background noise of crickets singing isn’t so bad, the noise sounds deafening when crickets are living inside the house. Unfortunately, there are many .

Cricket Entry Points

House crickets are one of the most common home-invading species. They are light yellow-brown and have three dark stripes on their heads. They also have larger hind legs than their front ones. Most crickets are less than an inch long, so it’s’ not difficult for them to make their way indoors. They can slip through small cracks and crevices around the building, even in places you wouldn’t think to check. Some of the most common cricket entry points include:

  • Under and between door and window frames
  • Through cracks and crevices in the walls and foundation of the house
  • By getting through torn screens in doors and windows

Crickets are attracted to damp environments with access to food sources, so you can help deter crickets by removing these factors.

Six Cricket Prevention Tips for Phoenix Residents

The easiest way to is through Phoenix pest control services, but you can also take steps on your own to keep them away. It’s best to focus on removing what attracts them and sealing up potential entry points. Here are six effective cricket prevention measures put together by the professionals at Green Home Pest Control:

  1. Reduce humidity by fixing leaky plumbing and removing standing water around your yard.
  2. Seal up entry points using caulk or foam on holes in the walls and foundation.
  3. Install door sweeps and weather stripping or fix any that are old and damaged.
  4. Clean up excess clutter around the yard and house.
  5. Dry out crawl spaces and other humid rooms. You can use dehumidifiers or other ventilation improvements.
  6. Point outdoor lighting away from the outside of the home to keep crickets away from doors and windows.

But, if you end up with an infestation, the easiest way to remove it is with help from the experts.

Total Cricket Control For Phoenix Residents

Crickets can cause sores on your skin and are also known for chewing through clothes, papers, pantry items, and more. Instead of dealing with these invasive pests on your own, you can make the removal process simple and effective. Green Home Pest Control experts offer services. Call us today to request a quote or get started with treatment.

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