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Reliable Pest Services In San Tan Valley, AZ

The community of San Tan Valley is located in the Sonoran Desert near the San Tan Mountains. The planned residential neighborhoods such as Pecan Creek South and Johnson Ranch, along with various retail properties, are entering an area filled with significant wildlife. Some of these desert inhabitants include long-tongued bats, round-tailed squirrels, many types of insects, and many more. According to a report on CBS 5 KPHO, the cooler winter nights in the valley region effectively limit the mosquito population, but that doesn’t stop many other pests from simply adapting to the variable conditions. For example, spiders and scorpions often seek to infiltrate properties that provide a stable, climate-controlled nesting environment and source of water.

Owners of both residential and commercial properties in the greater San Tan Valley region have relied on Green Home Pest Control for years now. Our team of licensed pest control professionals understand how the various pests in this region get indoors and where they tend to hide, nest, and congregate. We look forward to speaking with you today about conducting a free estimate.

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Home Pest Control In San Tan Valley, AZ

For many Arizona residents, their home is among the largest of their investments. But not only can most common pests raise potential health risks; they can also result in costly property damage risks. With so much at stake, homeowners must respond quickly when they suspect that these destructive pests have infiltrated their home.

The professionals at Green Home Pest Control are among the best in the industry. Our technicians are properly vetted, receive the latest training, and are fully committed to maintaining the organization’s goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we are a local family-owned company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Homeowners in the greater San Tan Valley area must ensure that they are working with a pest control company they can trust. We are an eco-friendly home pest control service provider that uses only the safest and most effective organic products on the market. Contact us today for an onsite inspection from one of our extermination specialists.

Commercial Pest Control In San Tan Valley, AZ

In many cases, a significant property infestation by dangerous pests will begin as a seemingly minor intrusion or nuisance. When a serious pest problem develops at your business, it can afflict detrimental damage on your staff, customers, and reputation across the board. Our seasoned team members will eradicate current invasions and work with you to develop a regular maintenance schedule that is part of a comprehensive commercial pest control plan to protect your business.

We provide solutions for those in retail and hospitality such as stores, restaurants, or hotels. Various other types of institutions have relied on Green Home Pest Control over the years including centers for education, government entities, and long-term care facilities. We are also a leading provider in excellent standing with the National Pest Management Association and Arizona Pest Professional Organization. Business owners and managers are encouraged to contact us today for a complimentary onsite inspection and estimate.

Common Spiders In San Tan Valley, AZ

Data from the University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences states that more than 20,000 varieties of spiders exist in the U.S. Only four types of spiders are capable of causing significant harm to humans, which are not commonly found in Arizona. Some of the most common species are as follows: 

Adult Brown or “Violin” Spider Adult Brown spiders (Loxosceles ssp.) are found in Arizona and are sometimes mistaken as the venomous brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa). They are typically around a ½ inch long, have a “violin-shaped” mark, and are not considered dangerous. 

Western Widow Based on their dark color, they are sometimes feared as being the venomous black widow, which is fortunately very rare in Arizona.

American House Spider This widely-seen light brown web-producing spider is generally not dangerous to humans.

Woodland Jumping Spider This species is dark in color with a white spot behind its eyes. They prefer to live near plants where they will pounce on flies and other prey.

Banded Garden Spider They have a brown or black body with white or yellow stripes. Although these spiders are more likely to remain outdoors in Arizona’s warmer climate, they are venomous and should be removed by a pest control professional.

Contact us today to get started with our professional spider control service for your Arizona home or business.

Guide To Avoiding Termite Damage In San Tan Valley, AZ

Termites are a common problem for Arizona property owners that can become a very costly concern. Property owners need to avoid having any wood that directly contacts the soil. Termites tend to infest wood that contains significant moisture, so any plumbing leaks or damaged gutters should be quickly addressed. Remove dead trees or stumps from areas adjacent to the property. Relocate firewood storage sites away from a structure. Home or business owners in the San Tan Valley region that suspect the presence of termites are encouraged to promptly contact Green Home Pest Control for an inspection and termite control service.

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