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Scorpion Control In Phoenix, AZ

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Keeping Scorpions Out Of Your Phoenix Home

Arizona is home to more than half of the scorpion species living in the entire United States. Throughout the year, especially during the summer months or "scorpion season," these creepy critters invade homes, businesses, and other spaces across the Phoenix area.

Scorpions carry barbed tails that they can use to deliver a dangerous venom to their prey or a threatening animal instantly. If they get into your house or onto your property, the chances of you or a family member becoming victim to one of their stings becomes much greater. Protecting your home from these dangerous pests starts and ends with Green Home Pest Control.

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Our Scorpion Control Offerings

If you have scorpions in your Phoenix area home or business, it's important to have an experienced scorpion exterminator to ensure their complete removal. For expert scorpion sealing and pest control in the Phoenix area, trust Green Home Pest Control.

Scorpions have hard outer shells that render many types of pesticides ineffective for removal. For the best results, Green Home Pest Control recommends an integrated pest management (IPM) approach. IPM utilizes a complete program of prevention, monitoring, and control to reduce pest populations. Our IPM processes control scorpions by removing their food sources, entry points, and shelter.

We hire only the best technicians because we believe in providing the best scorpion extermination in Phoenix to protect you, your family, and your pets. At Green Home Pest Control, we take the time to get to the root of your scorpion problem before developing a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Scorpion Sealing

Scorpion sealing is a process by which we can seal up your home to keep scorpions from getting in. At Green Home Pest Control, we are experts in finding out where scorpions enter your house and blocking those entry areas with safe and effective environmentally-friendly sealant problems.

The team at Green Home use well-researched techniques that allow us to block scorpion entry while still ensuring you get adequate ventilation throughout your home. By focusing on sealing your home, we can make sure that fewer unwanted pests get in your home, and less disruption occurs in your life while making it very difficult for pests to bother you.

Under this program, a Green Home technician will locate and seal all the possible entry points for scorpions around your home, including cracks, holes, and gaps from the outside of your home where scorpions are likely to come in. Seal your home with help from Green Home Pest Control and protect yourself from scorpions as well as various other invasive pests.

Green Home Scorpion Control Procedure

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We use Integrated Pest Management strategies that allow us to conduct in-depth inspections. Before we begin, we'll interview the customer first to figure out what they’re noticing and then conduct an inspection to find out the type of scorpion you're dealing with on your property and how they’re accessing your home.

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At Green Home Pest Control, we use EPA-approved products that use microencapsulated technology and are proven effective against scorpions. Our Integrated Pest Management process controls scorpions by removing their food sources, entry points, and shelter. After this service, we will also advise you on how to prevent scorpions from entering in the future.

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Our team will treat your scorpion infestation by taking the time to understand all of the conditions unique to your specific situation before developing a customized treatment plan. Our experienced technicians won't rest until your home or business is completely free of scorpions and stays that way. Our expert scorpion control services are guaranteed to work!

The Types Of Scorpions Common To Phoenix

While there are more than 40 species of scorpions that live in the state, three types are common in and around Phoenix's homes and businesses:

Giant Hairy Scorpion

The scariest looking and sounding one is probably the least dangerous. The terrifyingly named giant hairy scorpion grows to six inches long with a large and painful-looking tail. As unpleasant as this scorpion looks, its sting usually causes only mild pain in humans.

Stripe-Tailed Scorpion

Another scorpion you may encounter is the stripe-tailed scorpion, which is only about two inches long and usually hides during the day, coming out at night to search for food.

Bark Scorpion

The scorpion you need to watch out for is the bark scorpion, a lean and mean scorpion that can scale walls and often ends up with human victims who pick up garden items they're resting under. They sting multiple times with one attack.

While all scorpions contain a neurotoxin venom in their tails, bark scorpion venom is among the most dangerous. The other scorpions have a sting that resembles a bee sting, with respect to pain and the effect on the nervous system, but the bark scorpion gives a sting that's extremely painful and long-lasting. It can be dangerous or even fatal to children, the elderly, and those particularly susceptible.

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Scorpion Prevention Techniques

Scorpions are very common in Phoenix, Mesa, and the surrounding areas. While most scorpions are confined to the ground, the Arizona bark scorpion is an able climber and can enter your home through openings as thin as a credit card. Scorpions will seek out dark, undisturbed areas close to the moisture they need, and they may respond aggressively if they're suddenly disturbed.

The most effective scorpion control begins with taking proactive measures to remove any potential scorpion hiding places and nesting spots. The best ways to control scorpions on your property include the following:

  • Eliminate as many hiding places as possible. Scorpions will hide in even small piles of debris on your property, especially close to the structure. Keep vegetation, firewood, rocks, bark, and clutter away from your house.

  • Remove all standing water. Scorpions seek out nesting areas close to sources of water. Eliminate their sources by making sure there's no standing water around your house. Also, inspect plumbing for any drips or slow leaks that could attract them. Scorpions can survive for quite a while without food, but not without water.

  • Maintain your landscape. Don't create a scorpion haven! Mow regularly, and remove debris and branches from the home's perimeter. Do not give pests a route to your roof!

  • Seal up openings into your house. Inspect your home for holes and gaps that allow scorpions to come inside. Repair worn weatherstripping and screens, and seal openings where cables and utilities come through walls.

  • Check your attic. Because of their climbing ability, scorpions can enter your home at floor level and crawl up to your attic to nest.

Contact Us For Safe & Effective Scorpion Control In Phoenix

Green Home Pest Control is the obvious choice for your home scorpion control in Phoenix. We offer first-class service, highly professional technicians with up-to-date training, and the finest techniques in scorpion sealing.

We'll find the scorpions currently in your home using EPA-approved products that employ micro-encapsulated technology and are proven effective against scorpions. We can give you tips to help scorpion-proof your home by getting rid of their common hiding places, reducing excess moisture that may attract them, and keeping up with your landscaping. And of course, we can seal your home so that new scorpions cannot get in to plague your family.

Don't let your family be at risk a moment longer. Call Green Home Pest Control or contact us online for a free quote on scorpion control services in Phoenix right now! We look forward to ensuring a safe, comfortable home for you, your family members, and your visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scorpions

What is a scorpion?

Scorpions are arachnids, so they are in the same class as mites, ticks, and spiders. These eight-legged creatures have venomous stingers at the end of their segmented tails, which you'll often see curved over their backs. Scorpions are arthropods and are usually somewhere between two and eight inches long. They can live in the wild for three to eight years, and they are on all large landmasses except New Zealand and Antarctica. 

What types of scorpions are in Phoenix?

There are nearly 2,000 species of scorpions worldwide, approximately 100 in the U.S., and at least 50 in our southwestern desert states. According to the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the most common scorpion species in our region include:

  • Arizona bark scorpion. This is the most venomous species in our area and most often encountered in homes. These scorpions enter through spaces around doorways, through window vents, and under exterior walls with openings. Once they get inside, they take advantage of interior spaces, such as electrical outlets, to move around. Arizona bark scorpions can climb walls and even move across ceilings, explaining how one can get into a toilet or bathtub. These scorpions are two to three inches long.
  • Arizona giant hairy scorpion. This scorpion is the largest in the country and can grow to more than five inches long. Arizona giant hairy scorpions have a mild venom. Not only are there harmless, but they're even beneficial since they are voracious eaters of the dangerous Arizona bark scorpions. You'll most often find them in burrows and under rocks.
  • Arizona stripe-tailed scorpion. This scorpion is frequently mistaken for the bark scorpion. Although they can sting, they have relatively mild venom, so a sting from a stripe-tailed scorpion may not require medical treatment.

Where do scorpions hide?

Scorpions like to hide in undisturbed, dark areas. We usually encounter them when they're out seeking water, which they can find in places like containers left outdoors or a puddle under a leaky faucet inside. Scorpions prefer to avoid the sun, so you may find them tucked under all types of things outdoors, from woodpiles to debris. They also hide in cracks wherever they can find them.

What should I do if I see a scorpion?

First, keep in mind that scorpions won't chase you down to sting you — they would much rather run away or assume a threatening posture if they stand their ground. If you do encounter one outdoors, it's best to simply leave it alone. If you see one in your home or other indoor space, do not touch it. Instead, use a drinking glass or some other type of container to trap it and discard it.

It's also important to know that a scorpion can stay alive even when underwater in a swimming pool. Never assume that a scorpion in a spa or pool is dead or that it can't sting you, and don't try to fish it out with your hands.

For the best scorpion control, call on professional scorpion exterminators. Green Home Pest Control has comprehensive Phoenix scorpion control services, including scorpion sealing, to help you eliminate these pests.

Are all types of scorpions venomous?

Yes, all scorpions are venomous, but not all species of scorpions can cause extreme harm to humans. There's a wide range of toxicity in the venom of various scorpion species, from mild to deadly. Only about 35 of the 2,000 different scorpion species worldwide have venom with the strength to kill a human. Since it takes experience to know which types pose the greatest danger, it's best to avoid contact with any scorpion you encounter.

Can I prevent scorpions from getting into my house?

The most effective way to keep scorpions from coming into your house is to make sure all entry points are tightly sealed. At Green Home Pest Control, we're experts in locating these entry points and protecting your home with our scorpion sealing service. Having your home thoroughly sealed also reduces the need to use chemicals inside your home for scorpion control. When we locate a hole, gap, or crack that's likely to be used as a scorpion entry point, we use sealant products that are as environmentally friendly as possible, as well as methods similar to weatherstripping for sealing larger openings such as doors. We can also seal the areas of your garage that are vulnerable to scorpion intrusion.

There are also some steps you can take yourself to reduce the chances that scorpions will get in, such as keeping your landscaping tidy, reducing any excess moisture, and eliminating hiding places. You should also try to eliminate food sources, including crickets and roaches, by having regular pest control treatments. Our technicians will be happy to give you additional tips during your scorpion control treatment.

How do I get rid of scorpions?

Getting rid of scorpions with DIY methods is difficult, so many homeowners and business owners in the Phoenix area call on a professional scorpion control company. At Green Home Pest Control, we guarantee our scorpion control services and return for additional treatments until your problem is solved.

Keep in mind that scorpions will always be part of Arizona's natural environment, so a prevention and exclusion approach to keep them outside is important. Make sure your property is as pest-proof as you can make it so that it doesn't provide the ideal home for scorpions. Be careful to eliminate yard debris, seal up all entry points, and get rid of all water and food sources, such as the pests they eat.

Does Green Home Pest Control offer free estimates?

Yes! Just call us or request a quote online now and receive $50 off our initial scorpion control treatment while our pest control trucks are in your area. There's no obligation and no risk, and we guarantee our exterminator services.

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