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How Bed Bug Infestations Start In Scottsdale Homes

One of the most devious nemeses of Scottsdale homeowners is the bed bug. The bed bug is a parasite that secretly makes its way inside properties and proceeds to feed off of human blood. Bed bug infestations can arise anywhere that people spend time, so picking them up at places like the movies, after eating at a restaurant, taking a trip to the mall, taking public transportation, staying at a hotel, or running any errand is an easy enough way to bring them home. Similarly, bed bugs frequently latch onto upholstered items like secondhand couches, rugs, and mattresses when these items have been sitting in storage or being used in unsanitary conditions.

Where bed bugs can cause problems

Bed bug infestations can also develop due to shared walls in apartment buildings and by being spread from room to room in hotels. In order to avoid these types of scenarios, contact Green Home Pest Control today for safe, effective bed bug control.