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What Is The Purpose Of Mosquitoes In Scottsdale?

For Scottsdale residents who have suffered the discomfort that comes with mosquito bites, it might seem like there is no point to these pests. There are, however, benefits that come along with them, pesky as they are. The male mosquito is actually known to pollinate plants while he zips around eating nectar. Most importantly, mosquitoes serve as a source of food for many animals in the ecosystem. Members of nature like reptiles, fish, birds, bats, other insects, and amphibians all rely on mosquitoes for a meal. If these animals are not able to access the food that they require, the process of overbrowsing, where animals eat more vegetation than usual, can develop, which can have serious negative ramifications on the environment.

Protect your home with safe mosquito treatment

Despite having a beneficial effect on the food chain, most Scottsdale residents don’t want mosquitoes on their property, which is why at Green Home Pest Control, we have devised mosquito control programs that use botanically derived products. We provide control for both larvae and adults by treating the areas underneath decks, in standing water, and around a property. We also install In2Care mosquito traps to cut down on mosquito activity without interruption. For more information on these services, contact us today.