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Homeowners across Arizona are no strangers to ants, and Surprise is no exception. Ants can seem impossible to avoid during the warmer months of the year, colonizing yards across our region and leaving homeowners with lawns full of little brown hills.

If you’re tired of seeing ants everywhere or experiencing their painful bites, look no further than Green Home Pest Control. Give us a call today and find out why our comprehensive ant control programs are the perfect solution to keep your home ant-free today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Ants Found In Surprise: The Complete Guide

As the most common nuisance pest across the country, ants in Surprise are everywhere. Here are some of the most common species in the area:

  • Odorous house ant: Perhaps the most iconic ant, the odorous house ant eats the honeydew that aphids create and enters homes looking for other sugary substances like juice and crumbs.
  • Crazy ant: This small orange species can be easily confused with red fire ants but they are much less of a threat and only bite if they feel threatened. They get their name from the chaotic movements they make when they’re startled.
  • Argentine ant: These amber-colored ants thrive in urban areas like Surprise and they feed off of sweet plants and flowers, which can leave homeowners with landscaping issues. They will bite people if they are provoked.
  • Southern fire ant: Small and red, the fire ant poses a threat to human health because their bites come in rapid succession and produce allergic reactions like nausea and muscle pain.

At Green Home Pest Control, we provide homeowners with reliable pest control services that address these types of ants and any others that we may encounter. We utilize eco-friendly products, offer customized service plans, and work with attention to detail to guarantee an ant-free home. For more information on our ant prevention methods, please call us today.